Meaning of the invocati­ons

Prayers, Affirmations, Invocations (Decrees) and Command­ments

The use of prayers, affirmations, invocations and decrees effectively raises our vibration and accelerates our transformation. They are effective ways and methods to enrich the energies of love and light in our bodies and in every aspect of our being.

We should make it a daily habit to constantly talk to God and invoke the light of his omnipresence, because through this we are permanently connected with the spiritual world and with our spiritual light source and light family.

Our consciousness is normally not aligned to the union with the Divine, because we are conditioned in general only to the mind and sense world. However, Jesus of Nazareth and many other teachers of humanity have taught us that the essential is not to be found on the outside, but within the human soul. The Kingdom of Heaven or Kingdom of God is to be found in every human heart only within. It is the "treasure in the field of the soul," as Jesus called it in his parables.

The goal of the spiritual way is to reach from the unconsciousness to the CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS; from the darkness into the radiating LIGHT OF GOD, which is immortal, inextinguishable and eternal.

With the help of these spiritual "tools" and the persistent trustful application of the prayers and invocations we can expand our consciousness step by step into ever "higher spiritual dimensions".

It is important that we do not only pronounce word for word with the mouth, but above all and primarily feel with the heart and firmly trust in the effect! Because this is the name of the Cosmic Law:

To each one happens according to his faith and trust!

The spiritual teachers of mankind emphasize again and again how important such invocations and decrees are, which everyone can formulate himself with his spirit! They have an immediate effect on one's own consciousness and also on the whole world!

The Planet Earth is a planet of the Free Will. According to this law of the free will it is allowed to intervene in our affairs from spiritual side only if the will of the human being asks it or even orders it!

Prayers are requests. Decrees are spiritual orders with the strength of the I AM consciousness and work significantly more powerfully!

God and his heavenly servants always work directly from an omnipresence incomprehensible and direct for the human mind. They are not bound to time or space!

Archangel MICHAEL says that he is never further than a heart call away from us. CHRIST speaks: "I AM with you all days."

The same is true for all light beings we call upon! They are directly connected to us through the light of divine unity in our hearts!

The more sincerely and seriously we call them from our limited 3-D dimension and speak with them, the more clearly and distinctly we can sense and deeply feel them!

The reward for our faith and trust are

insight and enlightenment.