MOTHER MARY on our 100th LIGHT SERVICE on 26 March 2022

Beloved sisters and brothers who are physically and also spiritually present here today at this celebration of light! It is a great honour for me to speak to your minds and hearts as "MOTHER MARY" on this 100th Light Service for the Spiritual Hierarchy of this Solar System of HELIOS AND VESTA.

I prefer to speak to you as a sister on this occasion. For you have all served the Light of God's Omnipresence on Earth and on other planets as mother, father, daughter or son.

We have even met more than once from person to person on earth. But now you are all on the way home to your divinity and may slowly but surely say goodbye to all roles in human form.

You cannot yet see Me face to face through the veil that will separate the different dimensions for some time to come, but your inner spirit knows that WE ARE ONE IN GOD.

Repeatedly I have told you that it is high time to think and feel more and more divinely. Today I can see everything from God's point of view with the eyes of a mother and sister. But I can also still remember very well everything that I experienced in human embodiment.

I AM just like all Ascended Masters and Mistresses in the special position to connect life on earth with life in heaven from my own experience and to unite it through your assistance.

As a member of the Karmic Council, I know your entire Akashic Chronicle and have taken on the spiritual sponsorship for you for this so essential incarnation.

Of course, like every embodied soul in human form, you still wear the ribbon of forgetfulness. But your persistent service to THE LIGHT OF CHRIST enables us to gradually dissolve this bond more and more until you can finally see and recognise your divine destiny clearly even in this time.

This special grace from Heaven is now granted to all Lightworkers on Earth according to their intention and determination. You have now matured spiritually to the point where your true immortal CHRIST SELF has outgrown the limited mortal human ego, and no personal arrogance or conceit can distract you from your goal.

You have now truly reached the final stages in human unfoldment into Gods and Goddesses. I would not tell you this if I could not see it in the light of your hearts.

Of course, you all still carry the shadows of a human ego with its imperfect habitual patterns behind the mask of your personality. However, with the help of your spiritual friends and teachers, you will have erased and rendered harmless these in the foreseeable future through the almighty light power of your I AM.

This means that you will no longer have to pay so-called "karmic debts" in another incarnation and can continue to serve universal life and existence individually according to your inner decision on Our side.

Of course, an "ascended" being of light is then free to decide whether it would like to incarnate once more on the New Earth in order to exercise a protective function in flesh and blood.

Although this seems to be a relatively short message today, it is all the more significant for your coming days, when the Light of ALPHA AND OMEGA, the Great Central Sun, will flood ever more intensely onto this planet and thus into all of humanity, clearing and consuming all the offshoots of the night of spiritual sleep that is coming to an end.

You are truly the spiritual early risers and early bloomers of the NEW GOLDEN AGE OF LIGHT.

The Almighty I AM is connecting all life and is now blossoming in each of you individually.

Can you understand that just like JESUS, LADY NADA, whom you also know as Mary Magdalene, Joseph and so many others, you are all a very special and unique divine blossom?

In the Garden of God ALL LIFE IS ONE and deeply interconnected. The unlimited diversity of life forms is an expression of the one God I AM.

Now you have arrived where you are spiritually ONE WITH US again.

That is why I can also speak through Michael, as one heart and one soul.

In God there is no separation. GOD is the almightiness and omnipresence of the One LOVE that directly connects our souls and hearts!

Separation exists only in human thinking and the personal mind. The mind separates, but the heart heals and unites everything again!

So today I want to wrap you forever in the mantle of My Divine Love and ask you to unite our heart flames with each other so that THE DIVINE may flourish to full bloom through each one of you who can receive My Words.

Rejoice, for the path into the light of the oneness of all life is now open!

Let go of the shadows that still want to separate you from the new day and the eternal springtime of hearts.

Nevertheless, should worries and problems burden you in the form of thoughts or feelings during these critical days, the last days of the old world, call upon My Divine Presence to comfort your spirit and heal your soul.

I AM your heavenly sister and mother MARY