A decree to the Blue Ray of God`s Will


 A decree to the Blue Ray of God`s Will

In the name of the Immortal Threefold Flame, that is anchored in every human heart, we call to you, Beloved Archangel Michael, Beloved Lady Astrea, Beloved El Morya and Beloved Lady Miriam, as well as the Elohim Hercules and Lady Tamara (Amazon) and all hosts of angels from the First Ray with the Blue Sword of Light:

Come and throw the Cosmic Blue Lightning of the Great Central Sun into the accumulated negative energies of all the ages, into the mass karma and the national karma, as into all the etheric records that are not in accordance with the law of the CHRIST or God`s Will, back to the beginning of all the time!

Direct it into all negative forces and entities through which the people, the animals, the nature and the whole earth are oppressed - also by our negatively qualified thought-forms and action-patterns - as well as into the centers of all those who produce and create that karma what does not serve the good on earth.

We ask for the complete purification of our beloved planet Earth, so that all life and creation is completely free of all dark destructive energies.

For the current occasion I, the I AM, call upon the full power of God`s Will in order to help all people who are completely dedicated and devoted to the Divine Order and a Divine Government for the Earth, on the spiritual level with their star brothers and sisters who have been sent from the universe so that together we can liberate this planet as quickly as possible, clean and clear it up.


And truly it is so, because I AM the almighty presence of God, who commands and orders this with unlimited power, wisdom and love!

Om Namah Shivay!

May the Will of God be done!