YOU ARE pure divine light


You are surely also an awakened one, someone who is determined to pass through the veil of separation and forgetfulness. This is how the universe has arranged for us to meet (again) in this way.

On the way home into the light of universal truth, we may and shall finally also meet our inner divinity, in order to then ignite the Divine Spark inextinguishably. May we return home together to our spiritual sovereignty and resolutely pass through the veil that has separated us for so long from our immortal Higher Self.

It is time to free ourselves from all dogmatic and conditioned patterns of thought and opinion and to fully unfold the spirit of the I AM. We carry the consciousness that the individual intention also determines our goal and follow for many years the SPIRIT OF UNITY of the Ascended Masters and Mistresses, which is also ONE with the Angelic Realm and the representatives of the Spiritual Hierarchy of our Solar System.

We confidently believe and trust in the return of the CHRIST Consciousness through many Sons and Daughters of Mankind themselves and want to contribute to extend the LIGHT OF CHRIST further and further into more and more hearts and souls on the way into the New Golden Age.

Therefore, we thank you for recommending this website, spreading the contents by sharing and/or also publishing excerpts of the website. However, we ask that these then be marked with the reference to and that the contents be adopted literally. Thank you!

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My video messages as a channel for Pallas Athena

In her messages Pallas Athena offers support in this special time of transformation, which is a unique cosmic event. I understand her words as guidance and assistance from the spiritual world, how we can deal with this quality of time. She herself refers again and again to previous videos, in order to intensify and accelerate with them the own development process. Thus, all given messages on the channel are equally significant and timeless.

Let your intuition lead you to the video that can give you a personal boost. First click the play button, then click the full screen icon at the bottom right, then click the gear icon next to it and click subtitles and select English.

How I became a channel for Pallas Athene and more videos you can find here.

12 Chakras Colour Meditation

Let this guided meditation take you on a very special journey through the 12 chakra system. By visualising the colour vibration of each chakra, you can easily open, activate and harmonise your energy centres. Be curious and enjoy the images and perceptions that may come and abandon yourself to the feeling of inner stillness and security.

Via this link you can listen to the meditation in English:


What you need to know about your 12 - Chakra - System and your Ascension

In this message the Ascended Master Aeolus talks about his spiritual task, about his incarnation as Homer and about his cosmic complement Pallas Athena. He describes why the activation of the 12 - Chakras - system is essential, what effects this has on the ascension process and what this process entails.

The victory of the light is also your victory

In her message, Pallas Athena speaks about the fact that the victory of the light cannot be prevented. She compares this challenging phase with the finish of a long-distance race, where the last forces are mobilized. People's call for truth is getting louder and louder and the truth will emerge in all areas of our lives, which can release shock waves and lead to violent reactions. The Lightworkers are empowered and authorized to provide assistance to the awakened. As always in their messages, they give valuable advice on how to deal with the tense atmosphere of the coming time of unveiling and revelation.

Link to the message of Jesus mentioned:

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