Beloved daughters and sons of the Almighty God I AM!

Today is a very special day for everyone who participates in this Light Service in a human form.

I AM KRONOS, whom people also call "Father Nature" or, if they are versed in the spiritual writings and deliverances hidden from the world, the "Director of The Four Elements". Occasionally I was also worshipped as "the LORD OF TIME".

But today I have come at the invitation of a heart from your midst to touch each one individually with the remembrance of your Divine destiny.

So now open the chalice of your consciousness to My Presence as far as you are able in this time and space.

It is extremely rare that I reveal Myself through embodied human beings and then only on very special occasions such as this day.

For THE TIME will now change quickly and also with many purifying events! So do not be shaken but remain focused in the centre of your heart.

Mankind has now mightily challenged the elements of earth, water, air and fire and has done great damage to the once paradisiacal state of nature. Since I have the power of a world creator and direct and control the elements with the power of the First Ray given to Me by God, I can give you confidence in love and friendship that with Archangel Michael, to whom this house is dedicated as a focus in the visible world, I will protect you and hold My spiritual hand over you when the elements seem to be unleashed and fulfil their purifying destiny.

You have been taught for a long, long time that nothing can happen to you at the hand of God that is not in accordance with His plan and will. But the most important and essential thing for you in the days to come will be to apply your trust and faith to the almighty omnipresence of God and thereby grow ever more into your true spiritual greatness!

I also represent the fire of the spirit in your hearts and thus your inner determination, i.e. the will of your determination and your perseverance to serve only the will of God. In this spiritual fire everything is now purified from the earth and from humanity that is "against nature", so to speak.

Those who remain faithful to the Will of God and His Cosmic Order will in truth see Heaven open and be accompanied by the Angels and Nature Beings with every breath!

My cosmic son PAN and My beloved complement LADY GAIA will count you among our family and unlock the gateway to the wonderful world of elemental and natural beings for each of your souls.

The key to this is the power of love for nature...and I know how much everyone who has come here today is filled with this love!

Ask and you shall receive! The more you approach nature with love and mindfulness, the closer you come to the Divine.

Consider all of nature as My kingdom in which everything is animated by elemental spirits who truly want to give you and your bodies healthy breath and fresh air and give your soul strength, health and peace.

Know that your earthly body is also composed mainly of the element of water, and like every elemental body is the garment for a Devic spirit, which you call your "body elemental being".

Therefore, treat your physical garment with care and conscientiously look after its health!

But just as the mass of people today harm their bodies daily through knowledgelessness and ignorance, so they encounter the elemental spirits in the form of flowers, grasses, trees, animals, mountains and oceans. I tell you that this will no longer be tolerated!

Your school days on earth are now over and it is high time to learn from the mistakes you have made. But you are not here to criticise the mistakes of others.

Use this precious time much more to reflect spiritually and purify your bodies with the fire of the spirit. Then you will ascend spiritually and physically into the realm of perfect joy and bliss.

I am waiting there for you and perhaps some will then contribute to stand by My side as the true daughters and sons of the Almighty God I AM and co-create new worlds.

In love and unity with your spiritual hearts and souls, I, KRONOS, am also your Father and eternal natural friend.

So now go and enjoy the paradise that is opened daily for your souls and bodies. And I would like to take this opportunity to give you something else to take with you on your further path through life:

Many of your relatives and ancestors have come with Me into your midst to tell you that you can also find them in your hearts if you really seek them. GOD IS LIFE and knows no death!

True life is within yourselves!

So turn within, from where I have spoken to you today in the here and now.