The Spiritual Hierarchy

The thought and the knowledge of a spiritual government of our planet earth has been more or less familiar to all peoples and partly handed down since the beginning of mankind.

The Asian people knew for a long time that there is something like a "Lord of the World" and that this one comes from the legendary Shamballah, the seat of the Hierarchy, with a spiritual council to guide the destinies of humanity according to the Divine Plan.

The spiritual knowledge always revealed itself in the course of the history of mankind according to the laws of time. There were very high cultures ruled by great cosmic masters, which were later followed by rather dark epochs of decadence, ignorance and moral-moral decay...

Especially India, Egypt, Atlantis and Greece were once flourishing advanced civilizations. Due to malicious destruction and extraterrestrial invaders, the once high consciousness of the original inhabitants of the earth fell deeper and deeper and almost all memories were put into a real spiritual deep sleep.

But never the memory could be completely extinguished! Because again and again so-called Avatars were sent to mankind to remind the people of their Divine spark or their intrinsic Divinity. The most famous teachers of humanity are KRISHNA, RAMTHA, HERMES TRISMEGISTOS, PTAHOTEP, SIDDHARTA GAUTAMA, MOSES, JESUS and BABAJI, to name only a few. But there are many others of whom we know little. Because in a dark age that is now coming to an end, their teachings are undesirable!

Only the light of truth will free mankind and planet Earth from the millennia of darkness and bring back the memory of man's true destiny!


We are now living at the transition of times, that means the time of darkness is giving way to a Golden Age of wisdom and knowledge! The old night of ignorance is replaced by a new day of Christ Consciousness. This means that the Spiritual Hierarchy of our Planet Earth will receive help and assistance from the Light of the Great Central Sun and the Cosmic Government of our entire Galaxy. This is called the Plan of Light, which can no longer be stopped!

Because everything is subject to cosmic laws, in the small as in the big!

It is now revealed and unveiled what has been strictly guarded and prevented until now by powers that did not want to know anything about God and his cosmic laws and commandments!

So the light of truth will shine brightly again and renew the spirit of the people! Of course, it seems to be quite new to the masses, as if it is happening for the first time. But according to the wisdom teachings, the knowledge has existed from the beginning of mankind, and the great teachers who impart it are called the Spiritual Hierarchy of Light.

JESUS of Nazareth has already proclaimed this time 2000 years ago and has now also returned to the consciousness of many human souls as one of the representatives of this Hierarchy "on the clouds of heaven"... as well as KRISHNA, RAMTHA, BABAJI, MARY, ROWENA, MARIA MAGDALENE and quite a lot of other people, who have meanwhile completed their incarnation cycle on Earth a long time ago and now form a powerful arm of the Hierarchy as Ascended Masters. The Ascended Master SAINT GERMAIN is the "Souvereign of the Golden Age and the Chohan of the Violet Ray of Freedom and Transformation (See: "Ascended Masters").

To the Spiritual Planetary Hierarchy belong, besides the Ascended Masters, THE ARCHANGELS, THE ELOHIM ("World Creator"), SANAT KUMARA ("The Cosmic Christ" /"Savior of the Earth") and his twin flame LADY VENUS; the members of the Karmic Council: PALLAS ATHENE ("The Goddess of Truth"), MOTHER MARY, LADY NADA (Mary Magdalene), LADY PORTIA ("Goddess of Justice"), LADY QUAN YIN ("Goddess of Mercy") , LADY RODINA ("Goddess of Freedom"), LORD SAITHRU ("The Divine Director"), ELOAH VISTA ("The All-Seeing Eye of God") and JESUS ("The Christ").

At the top of our solar system, our "solar parents" LADY VESTA and LORD HELIOS (RA) rule, receiving THE LIGHT OF ENERGY from ALPHA AND OMEGA ("Great Central Sun") and transmitting it to our sibling planets.

Of course also MOTHER EARTH (Lady Terra), FATHER NATURE or LORD KRONOS ("Lord of the Elements") and all "Silent Watchers" of the Earth belong to it as well as the guardians of the elements FIRE (PELE), AIR (ARIES), WATER (POSEIDON/ MARE) and EARTH (GAIA).

Who opens his heart wide, can also get contact with still further "light beings"! "Heaven and the spirit of the unity of all life" is waiting for us to turn again to the original home light of our soul.

God is the eternal bond of love that unites all our hearts! May we find and meet again in His Light I AM after we have all contributed in our individual way to the victorious success of the great plan for this Earth. Trust that every sincere "student of light" is destined for the victory of the light.

So be it in the most holy name of God