Messages from Pallas Athena

How I became a channel for Pallas Athena

I have been meditating daily for a long time and very quickly get the energetic connection that I perceive as a stream of energy flowing through my crown chakra. The intensity is variable, but I am always very balanced and strengthened afterwards. I have particularly intense experiences in joint meditations, be it in light services at our home or together with friends. Since I ask for the protection of Archangel Michael before each meditation, I can let myself fall completely.

Just before the first lockdown, during a strong meditation with 10 friends, I received a visual image in which I was placed by an angelic being in front of a microphone in front of a group of people and I heard the clear instruction 'Speak, about God and the world!' I carried that image inside me for a few months and couldn't imagine how to do that under lockdown conditions until the moment Michael's son suggested to his father that he start a spiritual YouTube channel. Michael declined at the time, but I immediately realized that this was a way I could fulfill the mission I had received. And so my first video was created just before the winter solstice of 2020 on the channel 'Der Kompass in deinem Herzen'. After 7 episodes of content dictated to me by my Higher Self, I intuitively knew that this chapter had come to an end.

In a private meditation a short time later, Pallas Athena told me that she would speak through me and that's exactly what happened. I sat down all alone in front of the camera, pressed the release and I spoke her words. Any sense of time was gone, her energies flooded through me and I felt a strong excitement and at some point I turned off the camera, knowing that something very special had happened to me. Then, as I watched the video, I was again swept up in her energies and I again reacted as emotionally as I had in the video itself. Michael and I later watched the video together. He sensed my uncertainty as to whether I should upload it at all and suggested that I sleep on it for a night. In the evening I asked my spiritual guidance to send me the answer the next morning, as it had happened so many times before. I was all the more surprised that nothing, but nothing at all was there and I knew that I had to make my decision alone. I uploaded the video and was grateful for the first positive comments, which were a kind of confirmation. Later that afternoon I realized that it had been an initiation for me, a divine test that I had passed, and I felt incredibly good and relieved.

In the meantime, in addition to Pallas Athene, I have also received messages from other members of the Spiritual Hierarchy such as Saint Germain, Serapis Bey, Aeolus and El Morya, for which I am very grateful. Since it is not at all about me personally and I want to draw attention away from myself to the content of the messages, I have decided to create them only as audio videos. The text transcript is also published as a blog post to take account of the fact that some people prefer to read them rather than listen to them.

Selected messages from Pallas Athena

You can find the latest videos on the home page (click here). English subtitles are available in each video. First click the play button, then click the full screen icon at the bottom right, then click the gear icon next to it and click subtitles and select English.

Here are three more messages from Pallas Athena:

Pallas Athena The divine spark within you

Pallas Athena speaks in this message about the fact that the most significant and important activity at this time is to expand the inner heart flame. For this she gives hints, explanations and finally a guided visualization. The more intensively the divine flame is made to blaze within you, the more strongly the divine radiation is activated in its effect and you can make great progress in your process of consciousness and in your creative power.

Pallas Athena from the Karmic Council

The Karmic Council is a significant board of the Spiritual Hierarchy. As a member of this Council, Pallas Athena gives details of the tasks that this board has, such as to survey the present situation of the planet and of the incarnated souls. She talks about the importance of fulfilling the individual soul plan for the successful completion of this life and what happens when people do not recognise their soul plan. Day by day people are awakening to their inherent divinity, which is why the given window of opportunity for ascension is still open according to the Source.

Pallas Athena speaks about the Divine Plan

Pallas Athena speaks about the Divine Plan for the Earth and the Solar System and about the ribbon of forgetfulness, which makes it impossible for many souls to recognise their own plan. Mother Earth can no longer wait to make the changes needed for her according to her plan. Conscious Lightworkers are now being assisted by the Spirit World on how to use their abilities to help their fellow human beings in the time of mass awakening. Pallas Athena speaks about the fact that and how the spiritual work of each individual can or must be intensified.

You can find more video messages on my YouTube channel