LADY NADA speaks to our light service

The divine, which I AM greets THE PRESENCE OF GOD, which you are!

Yes, it is I AM who may speak to your consciousness here and now on this occasion, because your and My brother Michael has opened the door to your world for Me. I am your sister NADA and I want you to listen to Me well today, because as you have already heard from PALLAS ATHENA, you are now like the entire humanity in the decisive phase of the ascension.

I AM, so to speak, come to you as the female soul half of JESUS and My words are also His words! In His mission as JESUS, the CHRIST, grown up in Nazareth - as the son of MARY and JOSEF - I have accompanied Him in the form of MARY MAGDALENE.

Today I want to accompany you until your final ascension and therefore I am immediately at your side on every heart call. Your spirit should now be so far advanced that you can perceive and comprehend many things of which the world is not aware.

The Kingdom of Heaven is truly within yourselves! Therefore, WE from the Kingdom of Heaven can also immediately and directly communicate with your heart through your consciousness, if you keep your heart doors open to us with your trust!

Over and over again, people have been taught that it is faith and trust that pave the way for them and determine their experiences.

According to the faith and trust of people, it will happen to them. This is a Cosmic Law that is still not heeded by the masses, but mostly ignored.

Some of you can still properly grasp or comprehend how close We from the Spiritual Hierarchy can come to the people who have placed their spiritual hands in ours! If your friends knew what these LIGHT SERVICES really mean, they would not want to miss such an opportunity. But about this LADY PORTIA, the spokeswoman of the KARMIC COUNCIL as "the Goddess of Opportunity and Justice" has already communicated to you clear and distinct words!

You are now part of the Cosmic FAMILY of Light! As such, according to your intention, determination and perseverance, you are being supplied daily with the LIGHT and ENERGY of Almighty God I AM.

Things are now moving upwards very quickly! LADY GAIA is prepared for the Ascension and LORD KRONOS, the Controller of the Elements and "FATHER NATURE" has the authority to cleanse this planet of all that would hinder Earth's Ascension.

I would like to remind you once again on this occasion that you should go out into Nature as often as possible to recharge yourselves with the natural purity and blessings of the Nature Spirits.

Be careful when you turn your attention to the worldly deceptions and untruths of the controlled media. For your attention determines your consciousness! There is a very tense confrontation of fear and trust at this time. Look carefully at the fruits that are showing themselves to you. You need wisdom to discern them. Ask for much more wisdom and you will receive it!

I started these light ministries with My male half of the soul, which you know as JESUS CHRIST. Since then much has happened. Souls have left and new souls have joined. Your circle of light is much larger than your human consciousness perceives!

For us, the veil of illusions that also separates this world from the beyond no longer exists. From the divine point of view, all is one and all your companions on the earthly soul journey are all there from our point of view. We know where every soul is and know its AKASHA chronicle. Yours too!

I AM a member of the so-called Karmic Council, as are PALLAS ATHENA, MOTHER MARY, LADY RODINA, LADY QUAN YIN, LADY PORTIA and others.

Soon WE will deliberate on the situation of humanity on this planet and determine and set the PLAN OF DIVINE LIGHT for the coming six months.

Everyone present here today, or on any other occasion, who picks up (reads) My Words, will be granted the deserved grace that We, as Gods and Goddesses in the Hierarchy of HELIOS AND VESTA, have at Our disposal. You shall be our ambassadors and as blessed friends of the Light, transmit our love and wisdom to the people you touch, if they are open to it.

We will walk through you and let the blessings from the Kingdom of God work through you! GOD HIMSELF, who is the spiritual fire in Our hearts, is also the eternal spiritual bond that binds us all together.

Now you have arrived at the time when all human beings must decide whether they want to follow the old familiar path of their limited earthly personality or the path of the innate divinity - the path of the Christ.

I am only one of many sisters who wear their Divine Christ garment forever and wrap you in My love and goodness wherever you are.

Take care of your consciousness and if possible, let your spirit and soul also radiate and shine the blazing light of God "as CHRIST in human form" in space and time.

If you knew how loved you all are, you would make every day a day of joy for the rest of your earthly existence!

So be it for every heart that opens its doors to Me!

With love your sister and friend Nada