Message from Archan­gel Gabriel

Everything happens at the right time!

Greetings from the Kingdom of God's Light, which never fails and calls all awakened human souls now to their original spiritual home!

I AM GABRIEL, the Archangel of the Crystalline White Ray, and together with the Ascended Master SERAPIS BEY I serve humanity in its resurrection and ascension into the 5th dimension. This means that I will hold you by My Divine hand for a while longer, if you want it.

In truth, you are all daughters and sons of the Almighty God I AM! You were born to express in purity the will of God and the unconditional love as CHRIST IN ACTIVITY on earth as the image of your Cosmic Parents, just as your brother JESUS of Nazareth did in his human embodiment as an example for all people.

Again I come to you to call you to express the inner splendor for the glory of God and for the blessing of your fellow men with all your strength and determination! Yes, it is high time to complete your individual destiny, for which you have been born once again "as a human being".

All the powers of Heaven are spreading their arms wide in these days to motivate you to the mastery of the spirit and with your assistance to raise humanity to the level of the Divine Light without shadows.

Today I want to speak to you about the HARMONY OF THE SPIRIT, because harmony is the vibrational activity of Heaven! When you are in harmony with life, you are also in the STATE OF GRACE!

In this state you are truly impersonal, i.e. untouched by the entity of earthly personality!

Ask daily to have your limited conditioned personality replaced by this Cosmic Consciousness Vibration. Even though many do not want to hear it, it is the entity of the personal ego that has separated you for so long from your inner God Presence and your innate immortal CHRIST SELF and thus kept you from fulfilling and finally completing your Divine Plan.

Never again be impressed or influenced by the outer discord of the earth, but radiate only the sovereign light of our common divine light! The time of crises in the outer world is the time of birth pangs for the resurrection of your divinity.

Be aware daily and hourly that only in the state of harmony you can be and remain permanently ONE with the PRESENCE OF GOD and the entire Kingdom of Heaven.

So be and remain in the constant state of vigilance, harmony, tolerance and attention to be connected with your heavenly sisters and brothers and all members of the Spiritual Hierarchy. In this way, nothing can separate us from each other!

Know that you are an essential part of the solar divine plan! It is only a matter of accepting your divine spark, in which all the power and glory of the Universe and your Cosmic Parents is invested.

I now decree with the energy contained in these WORDS and in this MESSAGE that you are NOW FREE from all that has seemingly separated us from each other for so long, and I will do and provide everything for you if you choose Me as your friend and spiritual protector.

The more you detach yourselves from the streams of your sensual attachment to the outer appearances in your human world and align yourselves with your inner divine being, the faster you will be free from the deceptions, entanglements and illusions of the human personality.

I want to convince you that in truth, through the Inner Light, you are Gods and Goddesses to whom the whole universe is open!

As "THE ANGEL OF RESURRECTION" I am able to lead also your body from mortality into the immortality of a master or a mistress! Ask and you will receive!

I come to people to free them from the chains of the human matrix and to lead them into the freedom of their innate divinity.

Summon the flame of resurrection and let the omnipotence of the Eternal I AM in your heart lift you into the glory of God.

Know that this your serious inner intention, this will within you, determines the existence you will lead at our side after you have gloriously overcome the wheel of rebirths!

I AM GABRIEL, and I stand before the THRONE OF GOD IN YOUR HEART, just like the Archangel MICHAEL, to prepare the way home for your spiritual self, to be eternally one again with your heavenly Father, the Origin, and your cosmic Mother, the Source, and to take your place as CHRIST IN HEAVEN.

Whitsun is the feast of the Holy Spirit. Today I have spoken to your heart as the Spirit of Archangel GABRIEL and enlighten your consciousness for the rest of the days that you are still inhabiting the surface of the earth in a physical form for the blessing of your fellow human beings, and like your brother JESUS, are now to be SELF the CHRIST in a physical body.

So go on resolutely, unconquerably and persistently, carrying the eternal light of your inward divinity into the world of men who are so entangled and lost in the darkness of unbelief and the nets of deception and illusion.

NOW YOU ARE THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD and the true immortal messengers of God as His daughters and sons in human form.

So be it hereby decreed by the Light of Grace and the Power of the Flame of Ascension, which blazes and blazes and blazes as never before in the history of this planet!

Blessed are those who trust in My presence and love in this message of Whitsun! Blessed, who believe with the POWER OF ARCHANGEL MICHAEL and like your heavenly sister and divine Mother MARY, give birth to the New Earth spiritually now.

I AM Archangel GABRIEL and pour out My Spirit again in these days over all people who have opened their heart doors wide and full of confidence, as it is handed down in the holy scriptures!

BE READY to complete your spiritual individual destiny and the Divine plan for this age that is coming to an end! Fear not, for you are all safely protected and sheltered by My angelic legions and the angelic legions of Archangel MICHAEL, who stands here with Me in your heart!

The peace of God and the boundless grace of Heaven are poured into your hearts and consciousness until we meet again face to face!

I AM GABRIEL and charge the chalice of your consciousness according to your trust with the eternal fire of My spiritual friendship and love.

Thank you for your devotion and concentration on the LIGHT OF GOD, which I AM