Message from LORD POSEI­DON

Please take only that from this text, what is in harmony with your heart. Everything else hand over to your Higher SELF, which knows your individual way and reveals everything to you at the right time!

LORD POSEIDON, the God of the sea and the water element, speaks to our hearts:

The Divine that I AM salutes the Almighty PRESENCE of GOD within you!

I AM POSEIDON, to whom mankind has already given many different names. You have known Me since ancient times as the God of the Sea.

Some worship Me as the "God of Water" Neptune and have even named a planet after Me because of its deep blue color.

Others know Me by the name OCEANUS and call My Divine Complement LADY MARE.

My element is the water and I have the great honor and destiny given to me by the one GOD I AM to bless and to guard the water of the earth and all beings which are connected with it, thus also your bodies which consist essentially of water.

All nature beings, which are assigned to the element water, are in the truest sense of the word My beloved subjects and serve together with Me and My twin flame LADY LUNARA (MARE) the destiny to maintain the divine order of the universe according to the WILL OF GOD.

It is very rare that people consciously turn to My presence and even call Me "personally" like a friend and not like someone to be afraid of. In the light of divine unity and love no one needs to be afraid!

To the love of God, however, also belong His omnipotence and His incorruptible Cosmic Laws, the pillars and perfect columns on which all life and the whole creation is built in the large as in the small, in the microcosm and in the macrocosm.

Just as a human being must keep his small personal world in order, so I must take care to keep all that is water clean and pure. But on the earth the law of the free will is valid, and I certainly do not need to tell you how far this mankind has moved away from the will of God!

Only the human souls, which have already made and stored many, many experiences in space and time, are able to see and recognize the unlimited, which leads them far beyond the barriers and limits of the conditioned thinking and feeling!

So I speak to each of you today in the hope that you belong to these awakened souls who want to and are able to look beyond the earthly status quo and the matrix of this world.

Do you really want that and are you ready to BE ambassadors and voices of the Kingdom of God in a world that until today vehemently resists everything that has to do with divine truth and cosmic order?

Many messengers from the spiritual world beyond the astral veil created by wrong thinking and wrong doing came to earth with the hope and courage of God's love to their brothers and sisters and were laughed at, persecuted as prophets and often killed because these did not want to believe them and rather followed the deceivers and rulers of a godless society.

But now is the time of the return of CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS and also the time of the return of the Gods and Goddesses to the planet Earth, which was once intended as a star for the whole universe and still is. Because this earth is a school for the sons and daughters of GOD in human form, who all carry a body from the four elements: the fire of the spirit, the water of the life, the earth to grow and to prosper and the air to breathe in and to expand the omnipotence of the spirit of GOD.

Please listen carefully: The more you, as growing daughters and sons of God, bless the beings of the elements, the more they can do for you! Your love and mindfulness that you give to the small and large elemental beings, visible and invisible, will help to support your spiritual resurrection and flourishing and ensure that you have all the necessities and comforts that you desire and need in your lives to bring harmony and happiness to all life on Earth, joy, freedom and fulfillment that all life and all hearts long for so much!

Summon the Violet Flame of Purification and Transformation as often as possible to give your individual assistance in purifying the water element in your emotional bodies, physical bodies and the whole atmosphere!

Water is an important conductor of electricity! For example, when it rains, often a certain amount of lightning comes with the rain. In it is the electronic cosmic power of the Blue Lightning, the White Lightning, the Violet Lightning and the Pink Lightning to clean the atmosphere of the Earth! Maybe you look consciously at the color of the lightnings! Who knows the Seven Great Elohim, may also call them with his heart, in order to free the atmosphere from the contamination by negative thought and feeling forms with the powerful light essence of the Great Central Sun.

I will gladly help you to re-qualify your relationship with the beings of the water element, which carry an enormous power of electronic energy of pure divine love!

You can also visualize pure liquid light and then drink it. In a relatively short time, your physical garment would become more and more suffused with the Inner Light and eventually become self-luminous with a beautiful aura around it!

I AM POSEIDON, Neptune and Oceanus in One. You shall experience what I can do for you through your devotion to your Divine Presence, which is also One with Me. May the Water of Life make you immortal, youthful, beautiful and new in this coming Golden Age!

Become aware that water is a condensation of substances of your Central Sun! Water is a sacred element of purification and renewal of your body and spirit. Never forget this and be more and more conscious of it! Bless and thank water everywhere you think of it and encounter it. Thank the water from the shower and thank the water when you bathe or swim in it. Send gratitude and love for all the raindrops to water and bless the earth. Visualize the Violet Fire and its flames as it enters the earth with the rain. Your imagination is your creative power!

I speak this message from the center of the Light of Truth in the heart of PALLAS ATHENA, the Goddess of Truth and the Guardian of the Wisdom of Greece!

Here are now present five ambassadors of peace and spiritual renewal in their physical bodies to immerse themselves in Our spiritual light and bathe in the waters of the sea on the island of the Gods and Goddesses. In the water that is home to countless mermaids, dolphins, whales, turtles and other sea creatures.

My tasks also include instructing the Undines to provide the salt that anchors the air element in the lower atmosphere of the earth, to help and serve the sylphs of the air so that they can rise from the pollution of the earth where they are forced to serve life.

In conclusion, in the name of the love and goodness of God and His Universal Kingdom, I ask you to intensify your spiritual determination and perseverance even more, and through the application of the Violet Purifying Flame, intensely renew the water and all the waters and aquatic beings of this earth with the power of your divine heart to eliminate all impurities and diseases forever.

May the water in your bodies and in your world allow the Divine Light of the Central Sun to flood again into every cell, into every molecule and into every organ to allow you to ascend in a crystalline perfectly purified and healthy body to the New Earth and to the New Heaven, where again all life dances and vibrates together in joy and bliss.

In eternal friendship I AM your spiritual brother in the light of God's love,

which deeply unites all life and all hearts,


Thank you for your attention!