An Invocation for our beloved MOTHER EARTH and THE NATURE KINGDOM

An Invocation for our beloved MOTHER EARTH and THE NATURE KINGDOM

In the name and by the power of the Eternal Threefold Flame, which is anchored within my heart, I call upon you, Beloved Archangel MICHAEL and Beloved ASTREA, and I ask you now to call upon your angel legions with their circles and swords of Blue Flame around the earth and cut free, cut free, cut free all elemental beings:

The earth element, the air element, the fire element, and the water element, the nature spirits and the kingdom of the animals and remove all negative influences which seek to dominate them or to influence them in such a way that they act different from the will of God!

Purify, purify, purify the planet Earth and all the beings of nature, and particularly the spirits of the beautiful trees that serve humanity so ceaselessly and full of faith, love and humility.

Protect, protect, protect the forces of the Kingdom of Nature through your invincible Blue Ray of Protection and maintain it until humanity itself protects and loves all these beings, that keep us alive so lovingly every moment, day after day, through lifetimes.

I call upon you, Beloved AEOLUS, Cosmic Representative of the Holy Spirit, and I ask You with all my heart, that You may continue the blessings and peace of God that flow through the whole nature, so that our earthly home and all who live in it may be constantly blessed and kept alive!

May mankind come to know and love the whole of elemental life. May it walk hand in hand with the nature spirits and thus form a true family in the unity of all life.

I have spoken and now accept it as fulfilled in the name of my Divine Presence