Message from HILARI­ON for our LIGHT SERVICE

Received in CRETE

Beloved sisters and brothers on your way home into the Light. Today, as your friend and brother Hilarion, I can again place in your hearts some words from the force field of the Temple of Truth and Healing here over the island of Crete. Of course, my words also contain the healing and beneficial energy of PALLAS ATHENA, the Goddess of Truth and of Archangel RAPHAEL, the Archangel of Healing and Divine Devotion. In addition, you are right now embraced in unconditional love by all your celestial brothers and sisters, which include both ANGELS and former companions, serving with me here in the Brotherhood of Crete.

Beloved ones, it is up to you alone how receptive you are to our presence.

I therefore ask you once again, with all my love for you, to direct all your attention at this time to the Divine, to the Perfect. Accept the presence of God above all also in yourselves and try with all your spiritual power and determination at your disposal to ignite the divine spark in your hearts and to expand it ever further.

Know and recognise that you have been sent into this world as Gods and Goddesses, as daughters and sons of the ONE GOD I AM, to remind people of their heavenly origin. It is I AM who may speak to you today on behalf of Pallas Athena and Archangel Raphael, because I once walked this precious earth embodied as a human being just as you do.

One day, with the help of JESUS CHRIST SANANDA, I also succeeded in recognising the illusions of the earthly personality, and overcome them with the inner determination of my true and eternal spiritual self. Today I AM coming to where you can all soon be according to your inner purpose and perseverance.

But time on earth is running out faster and faster. Therefore, WE urge the people who ask Us for help and assistance to waste no more time. The masses of humanity are not able to take advantage of the many opportunities that are granted with each new day. Yet you have all been prepared for many lifetimes for this turning point that is happening on Earth right now.

Please open your spiritual eyes and ears to these precious opportunities to finally awaken to your innate divinity "at the end of time"!

Yes, open your heart and soul to the radiant GOLDEN LIGHT of the NEW TIME that has already dawned spiritually for those who trust fully in GOD and have surrendered to His loving spiritual presence. All messengers from the high spiritual planes stress the importance of surrendering to the Divine with all your soul and heart, and being willing to let go and bury the old earthly personality with all its attachments to the matrix created by dark forces and its imposed mental limitations.

Know and understand that the so-called transformational energy is now increasing daily, indeed hourly. The transformation and purification of human consciousness and human hearts is happening at full speed until the truth comes to light in all matters and at all levels of consciousness. Be ready for many more revelations and put on your invincible armour of faith and trust that will surely protect you. In truth, it is now the very highest time to free yourself from your old mortal ego and turn back to your original true and eternal self, which is one with GOD, and consecrate all your life energy to Him. There is no other way to God than through one' s own inner self, the I AM!

This is the eternally true meaning and sense of this statement: I AM THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE ETERNAL LIFE.

Breathe these powerful and true words in and out with every breath until every cell of your body and every fibre of your being is filled and charged with them.

Do not be afraid of the passing events and appearances in a world filled with the edifices of lies and staged false doctrines. See the condition of this once perfectly created earth and this humanity. See and recognise how recklessly you yourselves are treating your bodies, which are supposed to be a perfect and helpful instrument on your path of light to express the divine presence.

Beloved hearts, you can receive perfect healing again at any time and set out on the spiritual path home if you deeply and truly wish to do so.

The truth of your intention clears the way to us.

With each day you decide for yourselves the direction of your path. Do you follow the path of earthly transience or the path of the human personality or the path of your spiritual invisible but true Inner CHRIST-SELF, which leads you home into the light of perfection and immortality?

I have, like all your returned sisters and brothers who have completed their spiritual evolution on this glorious earth, arrived again in that state which you call eternity, that is, that we are no longer bound by space and time. We can therefore meet and reach you in the light of your hearts always and everywhere with our loving presence, if you so wish! This is the law of love.

 Today I speak to you from the Light of the Spiritual Unity and the Eternal Light of Truth, which we guard in the etheric realm above the island of Crete and teach and transmit as best we can to the people who are sincerely seeking it, as on this occasion.

Beloved brothers and sisters of light, who hear or read these words on earth, remain faithful to the eternal truth and hold fast to the connection with our kingdom and your spiritual home. Never before have human beings been so close to heaven and never before have so many human souls been so far from their spiritual origin and the source of all life as shortly before the end of the old times.

I thank and bless you for your attention and all your spiritual efforts to express the Divine.

So set your minds up with even more patience, trust and determination so that you may be among those who can and shall soon experience their transfiguration.

I AM HILARION, Keeper of the Ray of Truth, Spiritual Healing and Confident Surrender to the Divine, and I look forward with you to the Great Cosmic Event that is in store for the successful Ascension of Earth and all co-creators of the truly Golden Age...

So now, all of you who hear this message with your hearts, put on the spiritual garment the CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS and place the old garment of your earthly personality with the worn-out patterns into the hand of your Higher SELF.

And let this serve as a sign to you:

Before something is born anew, it must first grow and flourish within.

In eternal love, truth and spiritual connection I have written these words into your heart.

I AM Hilarion