Life makes sense

Zitat von Rumi auf Deutsch

Life makes sense

After 7 decades of life experience, I know it's the same way. Everyone comes on his life's journey to forks in the road and crossroads, where it is necessary to make decisions that are accompanied by questions about how it should go further, which way is the most suitable. This affects all areas of life and all phases of life.

First of all, parents as guardians make decisions over which I myself have little influence, such as the choice of school and type of school. But as early as puberty, many adolescents feel a rebellion within themselves against ideas about the future path of life shaped by parents or educators and teachers. It continues with the choice of career, the people I let into my life, such as friends or partners, the choice of where I live, what hobbies I pursue, what inclinations I have, how I organize my everyday life and what lifestyle I lead.

And again and again, feelings of love, happiness, contentment, serenity, joy, enthusiasm or also restlessness, discomfort, dissatisfaction, brokenness, resignation, sadness, doubt and especially fear emerge. The list can be quite long and can be both positive and negative in nature. These feelings influence decisions and sometimes even lead to changes in the entire life situation.

And then there are the unforeseen events over which I seem to have no control, perhaps an accident, an illness, a layoff, a breakup I don't want but can't prevent, the death of someone familiar.

These are all situations and challenges that everyone knows from their own lives and that we would like to have avoided. That's when the notorious "why" questions arise.

Why does this have to happen to me?

Why do I always end up with such men or women?

Why is a loved one leaving me again?

Why am I losing my job?

Why do I get sick so often?

Why do I have an accident?

Why can't I decide?

This list can also become quite long over the years of life.

This intensifies negative emotions such as sadness, which extends to depression, or feelings of not being loved, of being abandoned, of loneliness, of despondency and despair. The pressure of suffering grows and then hopefully leads to the question of the meaning of life itself. I write 'hopefully' deliberately, because in the ideal case the search for oneself, for truth and the all-important questions 'Who am I? And what am I doing here?'

The occupation with these questions has brought me answers that have led me to deep inner knowledge, to my process of consciousness that goes on and on and the realization: You are much more than a human being, you are an old soul that now lives in a human body and collects experiences on this planet that always was and always will be.

This inner knowledge is essential because it is the primordial knowledge of creation itself.

The plan of life

Nothing in life is coincidence. There is always a plan behind it. You can also call it the divine plan. Those who feel hesitation or rejection at the term 'divine' or 'God' can also say universal plan or universal source. It is idle to question all this, for our small minds cannot grasp creation in its entirety, any more than we can imagine the size of our universe or universes. It is literally inconceivable. That's where we need a more all-encompassing understanding, namely the heart level. Already the little prince said 'One sees well only with the heart'. In other words, the knowledge that we carry in our hearts, some call it emotional intelligence or intuition or inner knowledge, has the greater significance for our lives.

The first thing to recognize is that we all possess a soul that is immortal. When so-called death occurs, the soul leaves the body, which remains inanimate, like a garment that has been discarded. The soul goes to another level, which I would like to call the light world here. People with near-death experiences always speak of the light into which they have gone or which they have seen. In this respect, this term is coherent.

From the unity of the whole, each soul knows its divine plan, which provides for the return to our Creator through the perfection and growth of the soul by serving All That Is. Our souls are part of eternity, without beginning and end, a part of the infinite cycle that cannot be grasped with human concepts. But on the soul level this knowledge is very, very alive and the connection with all creation is permanently given. Also, the soul is not subject to any restrictions as in the world on this side. It is completely unrestricted in its freedom of movement and its possibilities and experiences no limitations. As a part of the Creator it is allowed to experience the whole creation, to try it out and to be co-creator again and again. Through the connection to All That Is it makes no mistakes, because divine creation is error-free. It may experience itself in the totality of being.

Every soul is unique in its existence, none is like another and one is as valuable as the other before God and every form of existence. Their made experiences in the infinity make them unique and incomparable. Any evaluation is omitted, because the grace of the unlimited freedom and free choice of the experience possibilities leads compellingly to the acceptance of every other soul. An exchange of experiences is an important part of being. In the world beyond, spiritual beings such as angels and other high light beings or masters such as Jesus are possible wise exchange partners, who stand by each soul in an advisory capacity when it comes to taking the next step in development or entering a new realm of experience. I can only describe this entire process in earthly words as extremely exciting, thrilling and fulfilling, which cannot be compared with anything in this world.

If the soul is allowed to experience the totality of creation, it can also choose worlds beyond earth, where the level of development can be a completely different one and consequently also completely different experiences are possible and which are clearly different from those on earth.

Planet Earth as an opportu­nity for experi­ence

I would like to explain this in more detail. Perhaps you know that this planet earth has gone through an eventful history over millions of years. It has gone differently than our history books teach us. Earth is located in the outer area of our solar system and it is known throughout the universe as the 'Jewel' because of its pristine beauty. Its creators are the Elohim, who accomplished a true masterpiece. This earth is animated by a being we call Lady Gaia or Mother Earth. Just as every human being has a soul that perceives sensations through the body, the soul of planet Earth also perceives what is happening to her and what is taking place. And also her soul is a part of the whole creation, which has its own experiences.

This soulful planet gave permission for its colonization. The first to do so were light beings whose souls were connected to the divine creation and who lived in perfect harmony with the divine laws. They appreciated Mother Earth for what she was: the habitat that enabled them to evolve on her and with her in the divine sense. They connected with their soul, respected it and used the abundance, the beauty and the possibilities it offered them. It was a paradisiacal state, blissful for the souls of the newcomers as well as for Mother Earth herself. It went on like this for thousands maybe even hundreds of thousands of years in perfect harmony and peace.

Now it is time to report that in the universe there are not only light beings and souls connected with God, who inhabit the planets with loving intention. It was the divine plan to grant all souls the possibilities to experience themselves as divine sparks in all universes. They were given the free will by their Creator out of love to make all decisions for themselves without regimentations by Him. They had the possibility to maintain the divine connection and also received divine guidance e.g. by guardian angels who accompanied them in their existence. Moreover, each soul possessed the memory of being in unity with God or the source of all being before receiving permission for self-awareness.

In the course of infinity, some souls became more and more distant from God. They chose experiences in which they used their power, which they possessed through free will, in such a way that they lost respect for other God sparks and placed themselves above other souls and imposed their own will on them. Their existence was no longer characterized by love but by the lust for power and they no longer considered the other souls as equal. Thus, a hierarchical system emerged in which a few made themselves rulers over many and manipulated them for their own purposes and exploited them. This happened very subtly at first, because every soul in itself could have seen through this game by the connection to the divine wisdom. So this was weakened by the fact that the potentially superior one offered himself as a new figure of the all-embracing knowledge on which the attention and reverence of the masses could be directed. Thus, an energetic process began, in which there was more gain of energies by the leaders and at the same time, on the other side, the loss of energy became greater and greater. Thus, the manipulation increased and the expansion of power expanded unceasingly.

The divine love as the greatest power in the universe, by whose existence the unique creation and development process is only possible, came by a counter pole more and more from the application. This counter pole was the fear, which could be stirred up and built up by the ruling class, because the loss of energy made the masses receptive for this energy level, which was unknown until then. This led to what is known as the Fall of Man. The paradisiacal state on earth disappeared, the energy level sank and sank and the 3rd dimension arose with violence, power games and war, with subjugation and exploitation of people and Mother Earth. We still find this state today.

Mother Earth suffered and still suffers from this exploitation and she received permission from the Creator or Source to ascend to a higher dimension, i.e. she is allowed to leave the 3rd dimension and ascend to the 5th level. This time is NOW. Lady Gaia raises her vibration with the help of light energies from the cosmos. This also affects all of humanity and all life on the blue planet.


The ensouled beings who first inhabited this planet were pure light beings who lived in connection with God, respected His laws and served Him full of devotion in love. According to our era, they lived in peaceful coexistence for many hundreds of years until they decided to leave the planet voluntarily and make new experiences in other worlds. This changed when humans began to play their games of power and superiority over others and thus no longer lived according to divine rules. They fell out of harmony, negative experiences led to negative feelings such as hatred and resentment, which also had an effect on the physical body in the form of illness, suffering and aging, and finally led to death. People had lost their wholesome light body and their body was dimmed down according to the low energy vibration and thus subject to decay. Their actions against divine laws led to consequences: death and the so-called karma. The voluntary change of the life form was no longer possible, the death as involuntary demise replaced this.

The transgression and non-observance of divine guidelines created and creates karma, i.e. all actions that are against the divine laws must be compensated and one could also say, made up for. I would like to illustrate this with a simple example. If someone robs or cheats another person, he/she will also be robbed or cheated. Through this experience, I will then be able to recognize what it means to experience exactly that negative action myself in my own body and, in the best case, I will then have learned from it not to commit this violation again. This corresponds to the law of cause and effect. What I cause has an effect on me, you could also call it justice.

If we consider how often we transgress the divine laws in the course of a life, both in small and large things, to put it casually, a lot of things come together that trigger karma. One life is not enough to make amends, especially since there could also be a lack of knowledge.

In order to gain knowledge and make amends, we have the opportunity to do so in another life. We are born again and are given new life circumstances. Thus we have the opportunity to create an energetic balance and to have new experiences, which may well be of a negative nature.

This rebirth is also known as reincarnation and is part of the beliefs of Asian religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism.

Our home: the light world

Since we are divine beings by descent and our planet Earth is merely a training planet where we can have our human experiences, our real home is the light world. We return to it when the last curtain falls for us here. But what awaits us behind the curtain?

People who have had near-death experiences report a radiant light into which they have entered. They also describe that familiar people met them in great love. And love is the all-determining feeling there. Light beings such as angels also receive those who have passed over and look after them extremely lovingly. In addition, there is the feeling of total peace and of great harmony, as the people concerned did not know it in their life on earth. And all of them did not want to leave this state and this place again when it was explained to them that they must return to their physical body because there are still things for them to do. They go on to say that this near-death experience has changed their lives permanently for the better and that they no longer fear death in any way.

Some also speak of their entire life passing them by like a film in its entirety with all feelings and complete understanding of the situations. In other words, a holistic experience with conscious recognition. This also led to a different way of life for the returnees and they are full of gratitude for the new opportunities in their lives.

Each of us subconsciously knows what awaits us in the light world and where we actually come from. Why don't we remember when it is such an indescribably beautiful place of harmony, peace and infinite love? This inconceivable beauty is precisely the reason. All returnees were extremely reluctant to return to the body and still have a great longing for this place of perfection. Only the knowledge of remaining tasks in their life makes them stay. So that we can fulfill our life plan unburdened by this infinite longing for our true divine home, we all wear the so-called 'ribbon of forgetfulness'. It was given to us as an act of grace so that we can master life with the learning tasks. Infants still possess the knowledge, but by the age of 6 we forget our origin.

However, the source does not let us blindly go our way of life. Each of us has been provided with divine companions: the guardian angels. They do this service for the respective life stream in great love and through the knowledge of the life plan that the person has set for this incarnation. They protect and guide us throughout our lives, which is why it is advisable to seek contact with the guardian angel. You can talk to him like a good friend and the more often you do it, the more intimate the connection. Especially children are still open to contact, but which adult still tries? Many a one does not even want to know about it. Nevertheless it is present e.g. in the saying 'There you had however a good guardian angel', if straight still something went well. Even in the advertisement for insurances there are guardian angels. Guardian angels can make life easier for us, but here, too, free will applies. I can, but do not have to, accept this gentle guidance.

Who does not know the feeling of loneliness now and then? We also sometimes feel abandoned by the world and by people. So it is comforting to know: You are never alone! Your guardian angel is just waiting to be noticed and addressed by you. As with everything in life, it is up to you and your decisions.

Between the lives, if the soul has left the body by the death, a very important section takes place up to the next embodiment for it. First of all recovery is announced for it after the earthly strains of the past life. It experiences healing in harmonious glorious surroundings by loving attention of heavenly beings, who are specialized in alleviating and dissolving any kind of negative maybe even traumatic experiences. Then the soul is free in its decisions, which areas of the light magnificent world it would like to visit. There are possible meetings with the ancestors, an exchange about made experiences with angelic beings or the visit of other spheres. I would like to mention briefly that the possibilities are also dependent on the level of development of the soul.

Finally, it is about preparing the conditions for a next life. According to universal laws, karma must be balanced, that is, the future life will have to give the soul learning experiences that correspond to the karmic entanglements it has created.

What this life is about

We all wear 'the ribbon of forgetfulness', i.e. we have literally forgotten who we are in truth, where we come from, as well as all memories of previous lives. I have come to see this forgetting as a grace, because if we did not have this 'bond of forgetting', this life would be unbearable for us, we would be filled with infinite longing to return to the glory from which we came. We have a task to fulfill here, otherwise we would not be here and we have agreed to our living conditions and learning situations prenatally.

It is our very task in life to remember that we are pure, divine light.

In our cellular memory we have stored everything we have ever been, what we have done and where we have been. We are all here now to take advantage of this unique opportunity that now presents itself and to master our ascension.

We can ascend with Mother Earth and the entire universe. In concrete terms, this means we can get off the wheel of rebirths, free ourselves from the law of cause and effect, and return to the state that people call paradise.