I AM Gabriele

I am one of those people who did not follow their inner voice at a young age because I simply could not hear it then. I only knew that what I was taught in the catholic parental home, in the church and in religious education was not coherent.

I do not remember when I first heard about reincarnation, but it was obviously anchored as right in my inner being. I was also open to eastern teachings like Ayurveda and Feng Shui, actively allowing both into my life. During an Ayurveda cure in Sri Lanka I was 'awakened', a Feng Shui oriented place of work gave me the strength to leave my old life at the age of 49, to start completely new and to open myself completely to the spiritual path and my spiritual guidance, which eventually led to the meeting with my soul partner Michael.

Twice in my life I heard my inner voice so strongly that I could not ignore it. The first time I heard it, but I suppressed it inside. Two years later I heard it again and this time so insistently that it was no longer possible to suppress it. I could no longer ignore the sentence "If you don't change something now, you will get sick", because I knew that this would happen.

Looking back today more than twenty years later, I can only be infinitely grateful for all that this great step towards a complete change in my life has given me. I find the time after I first became a channel for Pallas Athena and later for other members of the Spiritual Hierarchy particularly intense and joyful.

I AM Michael

and have spoken to the angels like friends and siblings since childhood. My confident faith and deep trust in God led me through every crisis. At the age of 16 I had my first encounter with Jesus, who opened my eyes to the spiritual world more and more.

With the Harmonic Convergence in late summer 1987, I was then led onto a completely new life path and had to part with many old cherished habits.

In 2002, my spiritual friends and companions arranged for us to form a group with some spiritually opened people, whose goal and intention was to expand our contact with the world of light ever further. In this year my heart channel was opened for many messages of the Ascended Masters who then came closer and closer to me and two years later also led the connection with Gabriele.

Since then there is only one intention and one goal: the union with the inner Higher SELF and the realisation of the individual divine destiny. This path is indescribably beautiful and paved with numerous miracles and wonderful coincidences. We are allowed to meet more and more souls who recognise themselves by their spiritual vibration and their consciousness.