MESSAGE FROM SAINT GERMAIN for the Light Service on 17.9.2022

Breathe in and out deeply and consciously the Almighty Presence of God that I AM now!

Know that with the power of your thoughts you can charge and consciously qualify each breath and also know that you are all here in the right place at the right time!

I AM the one you know as the Ascended Master SAINT GERMAIN. For many spiritually open-minded Lightworkers I am the Regent of the Golden Age and am pictured as a grand Lord and Count.

But I AM also your ever-near friend and represent, as I did then as JOSEF, the Father of Jesus, the goodness and mercy of your heavenly soul family.

Today I want to meet you out of deepest love in the spirit of unity of all life and speak to your hearts.

Without My many faithful friends who are once again embodied on earth to build a bridge between heaven and earth, My destiny and task as spiritual regent would hardly be fulfilled. Your persistent effort, love and determination to serve the Light of GOD day after day is helping to victoriously complete the Divine Plan and elevate this precious planet into the Fifth Dimension.

So I am honoured to be invited by you to take this opportunity to share with you a few words about the importance of this turning time simply from heart to heart.

GOD is the bond of love and friendship by which all life is connected. In His ALMIGHTINESS all temporary separation is truly removed, as it is now in this room and in this service of light.

Though it has been said before, it bears repeating: In each of your light services, heaven and earth, angels and humans, spirit and body meet. Many of your ancestors have also come with Me on this occasion and are now in your midst!

As Ascended Master I am able to speak to each of you individually from the unlimited timeless state of the Kingdom of Heaven while you still wear an earthly garment of flesh and blood.

Each one of you who listens to My words or reads this message with your soul somewhere in space and time has the opportunity to enter the high spiritual dimensions in the silence of your heart.

You are hereby called, while still wearing a physical body, to raise yourselves into the REALM OF THE CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS! This is possible if you decide to do so of your own free will. The sooner you put your determination into action, the more clearly and distinctly you can communicate with everyone from the Spiritual Hierarchy from Spirit to Spirit.

The Law of Free Will is and remains untouchable. Everyone is free to choose to have further experiences in space and time. This is a matter of individual faith and trust and is determined by each soul SELF.

In the last celebration of light, Lord POSEIDON, the Lord of the Ocean and the Water Element, spoke about the importance of water. All peoples of the earth have experienced how important water is for all life on earth in this year 2022.

Without water, no life is possible. Therefore, greet every drop of water with love, respect and gratitude. Then healthy water will be magnetised and attracted to you.

You can clearly see from the signs of this time that this old world with its godless system has come to an end. This is the cosmic hour to victoriously fulfil your divine destiny, for which you have once again been granted an embodiment by the Karmic Council.

You have extended your spiritual hands to Us and as Our heavenly ambassadors on earth you are to show all people who trust you the path to perfection, the path to their true origin and the source of all life.

It is now a matter of replacing the millennia of spiritual darkness on earth with THE LIGHT OF CHRIST, the light of God's omnipotent omnipresence, and thereby crowning this creation a star of light!

Just as the darkest night is followed by a new bright day, so it will be now! The Light of the New Day is the Light of God that never fails and can no longer be delayed.

The eyes of humanity are still covered by the dark veil of deceptions, lies and created artificial illusions. But it is in your hands, together with the powers of the Spirit World and the Spirit of Oneness of the Great White Brotherhood, to remove this dense fog now with the power of the Violet Flame of Transformation and replace it with the CHRIST Light, the Light of eternal TRUTH and Divine ORDER.

Call upon the victorious Violet Flame and the Angels of the Violet Ray, as often as you think of it and still recognise imperfections in the world of men, to transform all negative energies into positive qualities.

Your invocations and decrees in the name of the Almighty I AM PRESENCE are so precious! For they enable the direct and immediate intervention of the Cosmic Guardians and Watchers of Earth in earthly affairs!

To conclude today an urgent reminder for the last months of this year. You all feel how much the conflicts and events are coming to a head.

There will be a lot of unexpected and initially inexplicable events. But as long as you are alert, trusting and patient and remain connected to the Inner Light of your heart from which I speak to you, nothing can harm you!

The magical almighty I AM PRESENCE will be your insurmountable PROTECTION and SHIELD and at the same time provide you with everything you need to fulfil your individual destiny.

Legions of angels stand by your side to victoriously complete the Divine PLAN OF LIGHT with and through you!

Keep the door of your heart and consciousness wide open for them to work all things out for the best in the name of the Almighty ONE I AM!

With great gratitude I now bid you farewell with these words from the Light of Unity of all that is good, true and beautiful and look forward to seeing you again individually or together with open-minded friends.

I gladly welcome your souls if you wish to come to Me during the time of physical sleep.

You have learned from Archangel MICHAEL that WE as individual members of the Spiritual Hierarchy are never further away from you than a single heart call full of trust and love.

In this sense, I AM always your good friend and guidance in the Light of GOD.

Saint Germain