The great I AM is, simply put, the omnipresence of God that is innate in every human heart and soul.

One can also say that it is the divine spark in every consciousness. The more this spark is applied, used and activated through deep faith and unshakable trust in God, the sooner a spiritual process takes place that leads the soul more and more to its original perfection.

Unlike the mortal shell of man, the soul is immortal and eternal. With increasing realization through the expansion of the inner light on the so-called "light path", the individual consciousness is flooded with more and more light until enlightenment.

THE DIVINE PRESENCE IS PERFECT, and therefore the I AM must never be used negatively!

It has nothing to do with the small transient ego of the mortal earthly personality! Therefore never say I AM sick, poor or stupid... because that would be a lie and has nothing to do with the truth!

The divine I AM or HIGHER SELF is always perfect and therefore may only be pronounced with positive virtues and qualities, e.g. I AM healthy, happy, rich, beautiful, etc.

The Ascended Masters point out again and again that there is nothing more important than to always reflect on the I AM as the powerful creating presence of God within us. It is pure active divine creative power, which requires a responsible consciousness.

JESUS of Nazareth, who had full Christ consciousness ("Jesus Christ"), used the I AM very consciously and often in his teachings and speeches:

"I AM the resurrection and the life."

"I AM the light of the world, shining to every person who comes into this world."

"I AM the water of eternal life. Whoever drinks of it will never thirst or die again."

"I AM the open door into the light."

JESUS liked to put these magic words I AM in front of every vital sentence. But contrary to the usual doctrine of the worldly institutions and churches, he did not mean by this his outer form, but the Almighty Magical Presence of God within, which he also called the "FATHER IN US" or "FATHER IN HEAVEN".

"Of myself I can accomplish nothing. It is the Father in me, the I AM, who does and accomplishes all works!"

"I and THE FATHER are ONE! Therefore, everyone can also do the works that I have done. And you will do even more, when you have recognized the Father in you, because HE will work through you... and make all things new!"

"See! I AM the one who makes all things new!"

The Ascended Master SAINT GERMAIN (who was then incarnated as Joseph, the father of Jesus) says in his transmitted book "Talking about I AM": "If you consider I AM to be all that you desire to be, this is one of the most powerful means of releasing the inner POWER, WISDOM, LOVE AND TRUTH and bringing it into the outer experience."