Where do the messages come from?

It began in March of the year 2003.

One morning I had an ordinary telephone conversation. The moment I hung up the phone, there was a very strange indescribable energy in the hallway. Something had suddenly and unexpectedly touched me so much and so deeply that tears of emotion instantly flowed.

Today I can still remember exactly that I then thought quietly: "Who benefits from my many tears? Please turn this energy into WORDS, which I can then write down for my friends."

I took a piece of paper and wrote down the thoughts that came to me. I then read these out at a group meeting. I didn't expect the reaction at all: "Do you know what this is? This is a message from Lady Nada!"

I had heard a lot about the existence of such messages from the spiritual world, but I had never thought that something like this could or would happen to me!

In silence at home I then thanked Lady Nada very sincerely, and in response to my heartfelt thank you I received a message from God for my spiritual friends on Easter Monday, April 21, 2003 - at noon - on the occasion of a garden party.

From then on, my heart was wide open for further messages from the Kingdom of Heaven, which can be found within every soul!

The next message was given to us by Mother Mary at a Light Service on August 24, 2003. Until today we meet about four times a year on a Saturday afternoon, where we can celebrate and experience THE UNITY OF ALL BEING together with the Ascended Masters and other representatives of the Spiritual World.

In deep gratitude and joy we would like to dedicate this homepage to all friends, who are just like us on the way of CHRIST - the INNER LIGHT OF THE ALL PRESENCE OF GOD.

My thanks go especially of course to Jesus, the Christ, and his divine twin flame Lady Nada, who among other aspects was also embodied as Mary Magdalene with him as a human being, and opened my heart channel.

From the beginning we were also guided, protected, inspired and protected by Pallas Athena, Archangel Michael and our divine mother and sister Mary.

As before, our eternal friend and father Joseph of that time, today's spiritual sovereign of the Aquarian Age: Saint Germain also puts his (Violet) mantle of goodness and mercy around our shoulders and always stands by our side. I hope, as Michael Joseph, also to be a good servant and faithful friend to his magical I AM Presence.