A Message from SANAT KUMARA for our light service

Healing and blessings from Venus are poured out upon you through these words my beloved sisters and brothers in the light of the Almighty I AM.

I come through these words to you and all who wish to receive this message deeply with the Golden Chalice of their heart and merge the spiritual nectar of love of my Presence with their consciousness.

I AM SANAT KUMARA and always look forward to when someone from Earth calls out to me!

It is your faith and trust that transcends all limitations of the earthly-human mind and in this way can enter into loving contact with every conscious being of light - also from other planets and stars - according to their pure and clear heart intention.

That is why I say "in loving contact", because love is GOD.

It is the FREE WILL that GOD has given to every human soul to unfold freely. Once again I emphasize the law: Your intention and your will also determine your spiritual goal!

Thus, according to your will and the intention of our two messengers, I AM now come into the centre of your heart to touch you spiritually in space and time.

I am already on the subject of "space and time".

Can you imagine that you yourselves have come to this earth more or less voluntarily in order to show people who have lost their divine consciousness the way back to their soul home?!

These days, figuratively speaking, "many dark clouds of still unredeemed energy" have gathered for humanity. It has been handed down for a long time that there will be a turning point and also a cleansing before the NEW TIME finally becomes visible and can be experienced by all who long for it so much. But hardly anyone was really prepared for this intensity of transformation and purification.

Beloved Light Hearts, you who are going through this mighty intense transformation process these days and who are coming one step closer to Divine Order and Truth with each passing day, know that great help and assistance will also be given to you by your star brothers and sisters according to your faith and trust.

You have arrived at the time for which you have been prepared incarnation after incarnation on Earth and also on Venus or other planets and stars. Especially behind the veil of your numerous embodiments you have been taught directly in the light of your inner teachers, friends and soul brothers and sisters.

As soon as you descended with the bond of oblivion back into the limited Third Dimension of space and time to serve as our messengers and pathfinders for your fellow humans, you were protected and accompanied by the Spirit World.

Through the considerable cosmic increase in vibration, through which the veil that still seemingly separates us from each other is daily more illuminated, We can better touch your consciousness and charge the so widely opened chalice of your heart with the remembrance of your intrinsic divinity.

Without your faith and trust I could hardly touch you mentally as I do in the here and now. Through your attention, your souls are a precious invaluable channel of light to the spirit world!

The COSMIC LAWS and commandments of life have always been transmitted to human beings through their prophets, seers and teachers. These include, for example, the fundamental law:

"According to your faith and trust it shall be done unto you!" and the commandment: "Thou shalt not kill!".

However, relatively few in humanity adhere to these. That is why your experiences on Earth are still so far removed from the higher vibrational levels and spiritual dimensions. Doubts and fears still dominate what is happening on the surface of your planet. This will now change rapidly. By turning more and more to nature and creation EARTH in love and mindfulness, human beings will also realise that eating the flesh of animals does not correspond to the will of the Creator.

The animals are entrusted to your love and responsibility. They are not there to be eaten.

A powerful force field of trust is anchored in this house through your light services and invocations. Thus, this "altar room" is literally a focus of Archangel MICHAEL and His Blue Angel Legions with the armour and flaming swords of Divine Will and Protection.

On this occasion I would also once again recommend and advise you not to go "outside" these days without the invincible armour of the Blue Ray. It is enough if you are conscious of this armour of light.

This is not the first time that you have had contact with the energy of the peoples of Venus in this room. But hopefully it is the first time that each of you is finally responding to this contact with your whole heart and soul. This means that you are, to the best of your ability and determination, expanding the vibrations of your soul consciousness further and further beyond the narrow limitations of your previous rigid conditioned opinions and concepts, and giving expression to your inner light of CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS.

I AM also coming to you to remind everyone that GOD and the Spiritual Hierarchy of His Light urgently need lighthouses and embodied focal points on Earth! It may sound strange to your human ears, but GOD needs bodies to rebuild His "tent" on Earth and reveal His Omnipresence "in the midst of men" as it has been handed down in the writings of the Prophets.

Know that in this turbulent time of change you are constantly accompanied and protected by your invisible friends from the angelic kingdom and the spirit of unity of all powers of light. We are always by your side watching every step you take into an indescribably beautiful new time! Be assured that all events and happenings are on their way to a divine conclusion.

Given the many delays and disappointments since 2012, the sudden radical changes may also bring deep-seated fears and concerns to the surface of your being.

Therefore, as often as you think of it, use the Violet Flame of Transformation to clear the way and transform all fears and worries into confidence and trust.

Just trust in your Higher Spiritual Self, the Divine Light, which is eternally firmly anchored in every ground of the soul and always provides you with the Source of all Being.

Ask and you will receive all that you need for your further journey as Christ in activity!

My love is always with you and when you think of Me or My beloved VENUS... we are instantly united heart to heart, allowing the blessings of the ALMIGHTY GOD I AM to flow through your presence into life on earth.

I AM SANAT KUMARA and on behalf of the Light of Love and Beauty of Creation, thank you for your trust, for your determination and for your attention.