Great White Brother­hood

The Spirit of Unity of the GWB (Great White Brotherhood) is that part of Heaven or the Spiritual Hierarchy which has achieved the so-called Ascension via the incarnation and is now endeavoring beyond the veil of our earthly-human consciousness in distinctly loving service to the spiritual development of the people on Earth.

This brotherhood includes all Ascended Masters, also sometimes referred to as the "Sisterhood of the Rose."

It is, so to speak, the community of ascended saints, that is, those who have left the wheel of rebirths forever and completed their spiritual development via being human.

So, like ourselves, they have all gone through one or more earth lives and have shown and proven that it is possible for every human being to master and control the energies that we face every day.

What one person ever did, all can do!

Who doesn't know the famous quote from Jesus, "Everyone who believes in me will be able to do what I have done and even greater things."

Jesus is probably the most famous, but just not the only person who showed and proved what a true spiritual master is. His destiny as Jesus of Nazareth was to show people in an exemplary way, in his unique individual way, the way of the Christ, which every embodied soul can walk and even has to walk himself once sooner or later, in order to reunite with the origin or our spiritual source, which he called "Father in Heaven".

Those who have learned to master and masterfully apply the Cosmic Laws are also called the Masters of Wisdom and Perfection. They are the world teachers, avatars and "elder sister and brothers of mankind".

At the end of their human path, they have all succeeded in returning home to their and our original state of divinity. They have ascended to the state of oneness with God and can help us on our way from their own experience.

Unlike us, they have achieved Christ Consciousness and know that they are God or the Goddess!

Most of us have probably met these present Ascended Masters in previous incarnations, and now is our cosmic hour, so to speak, which offers us the opportunities to follow them and also to step out of the wheel of mortality.

Who could have more understanding of our human behavior than one of them?

Their unlimited divine unconditional love for us, their earthly brothers and sisters and friends, has moved them to help us in this critical stage of development in a massive way in accordance with the Great Divine Plan and a Cosmic Dispensation and to reach out their hands to us!

It is up to each one of us whether we accept this invaluable assistance from the Spiritual Hierarchy.

The more human souls are now ready to put themselves at the service of the Divine Will according to their example, the sooner the COSMIC PLAN OF LIGHT can be fulfilled and the earth transformed into a star of light and of mutual respect and love.

Some Ascended Masters

As already mentioned, Jesus of Nazareth is the Ascended Master best known to us in the West. Mary, his mother at that time, also holds an essential office in the Spiritual Hierarchy today. His then father Joseph is today the Ascended Master Saint Germain and is considered the spiritual regent of the Aquarian Age! Also Mary Magdalene, who was an embodiment of Lady Nada, carries today a high Cosmic Office and is endeavoring with Lady Quan Yin, who is worshipped in the East as the Goddess of Mercy, to renew the original meaning of women.

Many apostles have also ascended. Paul of Tarsus is now the Ascended Master Hilarion and serves as the Chohan (spiritual guide) of the Green Ray.

The so-called "Three Magi" were embodiments of EL Morya (Melchior), Kuthumi (Balthasar, later Francis of Assisi) and Djwhal Khul (Kaspar).

Siddharta Gautama is the "Lord of the World" in Shamballah today and served as the "Buddha" until around 1957. His successor in the office of Buddha is Lord Divino (Maitreya), the spiritual teacher of Jesus at that time. In the tradition Lord Maitreya ("the friendly one") is considered as the last Buddha before the beginning of the New Golden Age on the planet Earth!

Joan of Arc and Saint Bernadette of Lourdes were embodiments of Lady Rowena, the guide of the Pink Ray of Love.

Moses is now the Ascended Master Ling and works closely with Gautama in Shamballah.

Ramtha ascended already 35000 years ago in the Lemuria of that time as a master into the highest dimensions and promised exactly like Jesus and some others his return at the "end of the time", which we are allowed to experience now as "TURNING TIME" from the darkness into the light!

This is only a small selection! These great entities were partly very often incarnated to influence the evolution positively. But unfortunately they have very soon withered away in the consciousness of mankind to idols and holy figures. Human institutions have made the gap between God and man deeper and deeper. But Ramtha says that man will not get out of the cycle of rebirths until he has rediscovered his intrinsic divinity!

There are no substitute saviors. No Savior or Messiah will come again to go our way or to take away the responsibility for our actions. For what else would GOD have given us the life himself?

There is no other way to GOD, than that of the self-mastery! I AM the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through himself...