I AM Light


I AM Light

I AM LIGHT, I AM intensely radiant pure divine LIGHT. GOD IN ME destroys all shadows and darkness and transforms everything into light again. NOW I AM a light focus of the central sun and bring THE LIGHT ENERGY from the center of ALPHA AND OMEGA to the EARTH. Its ENERGY is now floating through all my thoughts, words and feelings like a crystal clear RIVER.

I AM a living fountain of the divine omnipresent light that completely ENERGIZES me. I affirm my intrinsic divinity and am now a radiant spark of the I AM PRESENCE again.

Like my beloved sisters and brothers who are also one again with the light, I consecrate my life only to my individual divine destiny and to the plan for a new new earth and a new heaven. I AM FREE, I AM FREE, I AM FREE I AM, I AM, I AM LIGHT AGAIN. I live, I live, I LIVE IN THE LIGHT. I AM the complete dimension of LIGHT. I AM the purest purpose and intention of LIGHT.

I AM light, light, light now pouring into the world everywhere, wherever I go, blessing, comforting, transforming and strengthening.

In myself, heaven and earth are now connecting again. I AM pure divine origin light again.