Invocation to the cosmic Flame of Truth



In the name of and with the power and authority of the presence of God I AM in my heart and in the hearts of all humanity, I call upon the mighty flame of God's truth and light.

I call especially for those blessed lifestreams who have asked for it, those who have chosen to step out of the consciousness of the masses and to be freed from any negative vibrational activity.

Let Your Sacred Fire flash and shatter all human misconceptions, errors, untruths and illusions in the thought bodies. Remove all narrow-minded and fanatical ideas in these thought-forms!

Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse my emotional body of all impurities! Wash my etheric body pure from all human concepts, which have been accumulated there over centuries. Blaze, blaze, blaze through all appearances in this time, which are not in accordance with the Will of God.

Oh, flame of truth! Blaze through all the cells and organs of my physical body and also completely remove from my outer mind the tendency to accept imperfection.

May You burn up every negative human concept and replace it with grace, harmony, freedom and inner untouchable peace. Let us be a blazing focal point of ETERNAL TRUTH on Earth at this time, a spiritual beacon of the Christ Consciousness that can show the perfect way Home to every soul that asks for truth!

May more and more human souls be brought to the pure light of the truth and enlightenment with all the determination of their heart, so that our Earth and all its realms of development can rise to perfect harmony, Divine order and freedom!

I accept this invocation as now fulfilled in the name of the CHRIST, who lives and reigns in me and who I AM