Beloved Helios and Vesta!



You are our beloved God-parents, in whose radiation and system our Divine Hierarchy is founded. We thank you with heart, head and hand for the wonderful connection with us, students of the Spiritual Light!

We thank the Divine Hierarchy for the love and the spiritual protection that we may receive again and again by the power of our invocations and radiations!

We give thanks for the Divine cooperation, which we are allowed to recognize and trust that through us, in connection with you, the Divine Plan on Earth will be fulfilled, so that the Divine Era can arise on a secure ground and foundation!

We thank, we thank, we thank you for the grace of the conscious connection with you and all our friends, teachers and ascended light siblings, as well as the angelic realm, Archangels, Seraphim and Elohim.

Today we also give special thanks for the blessing from the realm of nature and bow before the Divine Presence of Lady Gaia, Lord Kronos and Pan, as well as to all other invisible friends, the spirits of nature and elemental beings who constantly accompany us in our gardens, the forests and everywhere in nature, providing us with flowers, herbs, mushrooms, trees, animals and minerals, surrounding us with their divine glory.

We ask for forgiveness for everything we have ever done in thoughts, words, feelings or deeds to our spiritual friends and consecrate our hearts, our minds and all our individual life-energies now only to the Light of the cosmic love and universal oneness of all that is good, true and beautiful!

So be it! So be it! So be it!