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The message of the rose

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Nature has always been a teacher for people. It shows possibilities of unfolding a power that often makes people marvel and become humble.

This rose from our garden just gives us an example of the possibilities of unfolding in life itself.

It is one of many roses we have planted over the years. This year it reveals something very special.

Each year it has received exactly the same care and attention as the others. It was intuitively pruned and organically fertilised in autumn and spring. But it remained small, close to the ground and quite inconspicuous, and it only produced a few flowers once, although they were always very beautiful and delicately scented.

We are not rose experts who could now tell what was happening. Almost unnoticed at first, but now more and more amazed, we saw it unfold from a small rose plant on the ground into a stem rose that has developed a beautiful straight stem with a radiant crown on top with quite a few flowers. Only a few days ago we propped up the trunk with a stick to keep it standing safely during thunderstorms with stormy gusts.

Yesterday I understood its message, which I think is worth publishing in our blog:

This rose tells us the story of life. We never know what is in ourselves, let alone in others. When we grow into our potential and embrace it, we unfold our true beauty. How did this rose know that it could grow beyond itself towards the heaven and form a stem that would grow a beautiful crown with wonderful flowers?

The queen of flowers, as the rose is often called, is not only a symbol of beauty, but also of humility and devotion to divine destiny. In tradition and poetry, the rose has always been regarded as the symbol of perfection, purity and love.

Hermann Hesse once said that everything in nature is a parable and that everyone who understands the parable is able to return home through the invisible gate into spiritual reality.

Mary too, 2000 years ago, had led a simple humble life and consecrated everything she thought, felt and did to her God and to His will, to which she was unconditionally devoted. She had no idea that one day she would be crowned for this in the spiritual world with the office of "Mother of Humanity". In addition, today she is a member of the Karmic Council as an Ascended Master.

"From her stem" grew an immense family of radiant and shining examples for all humanity. Her Son and offspring Jesus revealed the light of God's presence in a unique way. And to this day there are human souls who consecrate their whole life and existence to their inner spiritual destiny and also do not know what will one day unfold from their being.

This is probably the message of the white and ruby rose for us, that we may follow its blossoming example to one day, which only God knows and determines, bring forth a stem that is literally of divine kind and a blessing for the New Earth.