You are currently viewing Botschaft zum Lichtdienst am 22. Juni 2024 von JESUS CHRISTUS

Message for the Light Service on 22 June 2024 from JESUS CHRIST

received by Michael

Dear sisters and brothers in a human body - a physical tent for the omnipresence of God I AM on earth!

Please allow yourselves now to be embraced by the SPIRIT OF UNITY of the Great White Brotherhood, born from the heart of SANAT KUMARA, to reconnect all humans to their deepest divine nature, to their innate Christ Self.

As Ascended Masters who have travelled the path of the human being over many incarnations to complete reunion with GOD, We are in a position to offer you the best possible assistance on your own individual path home from our own experiences.

Your heart knows that you are not born of this transitory world but, just like Us, of pure divine consciousness and are now temporarily wearing a body and veil in space and time that has quite clouded your spiritual vision.

So every pure soul feels a more or less strong longing that feels like homesickness. But there are also moments in your life when you already feel at home in your soul's homeland. It is that state when you are connected with GOD or a being from the kingdom of heaven. You can reach this state of spiritual union by focussing all your attention from the earthly world of the mind to the inner light in your heart - to the omnipresent light of LOVE, from which I am also speaking to each of you now. This divine light knows no separation. Here everything is one and spiritually connected from heart to heart. GOD is the one light that unites all life!

Here and now I speak to your consciousness as the CHRIST, whom I embodied back then as JESUS of Nazareth. You have often been taught in your many light services that CHRIST is the embodied incarnate light among men, which you are now to be for yourselves! The affirmation: "I AM the Christ in action, now and always!" helps you to be constantly in tune with the presence of God and to activate your Christ consciousness.

I was a human being just like you and in My last life I had a father whom you know as Joseph and a mother whom you love and honour today as MOTHER MARY. My task and destiny was to bring back the light of love and truth as JESUS CHRIST to humanity, which had fallen so deeply and was almost extinguished.

Today it is not about My personal return, as it is expected by the masses, but about the return of Christ Consciousness, about man's awareness that GOD is omnipresent and wants to express His Light from all His daughters and sons and through all life. It is this Cosmic Light Consciousness that is now being revealed more and more on earth with power and glory and is reorganising and reshaping all life on earth!

Everyone who can hear and perceive My voice and is prepared to place his or her own life at the service of the kingdom of heaven - at the service of the light of the spirit of love and truth - is destined for this.

It is the spirit of life that now speaks to you through My words. This Spirit is also the Spirit of Oneness that is revealed through every Being of Light in Heaven and in the Universe, thus also on Earth, whether as an Ascended Master, an Avatar, an Angel, a Seraph or a human being who serves the Good, the True and the Beautiful from the Source of all Life with dedication and determination.

Do not think that any master or female master is greater or lesser. You yourself give each of us the meaning that We have for your life! There is no difference in love, because love is GOD!

Whether you call GOD Father, Mother, Origin or your Source does not matter. The essential thing is your own divine destiny to live as man or woman, as father or mother, as son or daughter, as grandfather or grandmother. Just play your human roles as divinely and as well as you can!

Of course, you have all already realised and understood that it depends on the Spirit in a person, how far his or her consciousness reaches and how ready his or her consciousness is to expand and unfold even further. The Spirit determines the individual level of consciousness! There are still big differences. But everyone is on the same ladder with many steps to higher and higher dimensions.

This cosmic Spirit is now awakening daily in more and more people, who can then take spiritual steps to learn and recognise more quickly from their experiences and leave their old shell bound to space and time. The worldwide challengingevents are accelerating this unstoppable awakening process and are making a significant contribution to the fact that the entire consciousness of humanity is now rapidly increasing and rising to a higher level of awareness. It is a process of light and realisation that can no longer be stopped and, according to the Divine Plan, heralds the permanent Golden Age of humanity - the age of Spirit and the renewal of all virtues and qualities, the age of Christ or peace, the age of unconditional universal love and all-encompassing wisdom.

Yes, it is the heavenly light of Divine Love that is now reuniting us all as friends, sisters and brothers. Sibling souls recognise each other again by their consciousness and not by their appearance. The time has finally come to go beyond limited human perception and see beyond the veil of dimensions!

In the inextinguishable fire of enthusiasm, grace and joy, the memory of the Divine Omnipotence, which rests in every heart as a Devine spark, is also reignited, and thereby all false values, deceptions, illusions and errors from space and time are consumed and extinguished. Everything that has ever contributed to the separation of God and man on earth is purified, transformed or dissolved.

After the time of intense purification and transformation, for which you have incarnated in flesh and blood one last time to serve humanity and the Earth as messengers of your Heavenly Father-Mother God and your Cosmic Family of Light, we will recognise each other face to face and meet again. Until then, we can already communicate with each other through the heart according to our individual willingness, intention and openness.

Rejoice in the light of the Holy Spirit that has been poured into your hearts and that I AM! While humanity is temporarily in great fear and worries, you are to be the rock in the waves. So now put on your spiritual robe of Christ and let the divine unconquerable light blaze like a torch in the darkness and shine for all who seek the light!

The blessing of the Karmic Council is poured out upon you and your families and upon all those with whom you are connected in friendship and love! We are all in your midst today and bless every individual effort to serve the Light of Life together with Us. All members of the Karmic Council appreciate your services of light and want you to know that each and every one of you contributes significantly to uniting heaven and earth!

Always be aware that the Love of Heaven is with you always and everywhere, as in these words of Mine.

Connected in timeless heavenly love and friendship with everyone who trusts in GOD and His omnipresence, I AM your brother, friend and spiritual companion