You are currently viewing Botschaft von LADY MIRIAM zum LICHTDIENST am 23.03.2024

Message from LADY MIRIAM for the LIGHT SERVICE on 23.03.2024

As you listen to or read this message, I want you to know that We are right here and now in your midst, My Beloved EL MORYA and I, LADY MIRIAM, His Divine Twin Flame!

Whenever a human being in embodiment focuses on a Being of Light from the Higher Dimensions, an Ascended Master, an Archangel or any other member of the Spiritual Hierarchy of this Solar System of HELIOS AND VESTA, We are in your midst!

Through your focus, i.e. the attunement of your spirit to a representative of the Kingdom of Heaven, you can instantly raise your vibrational frequency. That is why it is so important at this time to take as many opportunities as possible to build up your connection with the spiritual world more and more intensively in silence, e.g. through meditation, until We can meet more and more clearly and distinctly from heart to heart in a higher vibrating force field of love and light!

You are now all so far advanced on the path of the spirit that, depending on your individual trust and faith, only a thin curtain separates us!

The path of human development generally leads via the more or less animalistic instinctive nature of the human personality to the divine nature of the immortal spirit. Thus each soul is at a different level of perception in the state of its embodiment.

The mass of humanity is still in a state of spiritual darkness and unconsciousness in the third dimension and can hardly comprehend and recognize the cosmic connections and laws of life. Through the experiences of life after life in space and time, the soul continues to mature from the unconscious to the conscious.

You have now truly arrived at the gateway to the full awakening of your inner divine nature and are like a child in its mother's womb about to be born. But this time you are being born INTO THE LIGHT OF GOD at a much higher level of consciousness. This earth is a school of the spirit to learn to transcend the illusions and deceptions of space and time, to eventually ascend from the limited human consciousness into the divine or the CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS. The human ascends from the state of unconsciousness and spiritual powerlessness according to the Divine Plan into the perfect Light Consciousness of a Divine Being of Light, which is again one with its Divine Nature, ONE WITH GOD.

It is a great honour for Me to share this with you because the hosts have asked Me to speak to the spirit of your heart today. As they were guests here in Sri Lanka in the centre of the force field of My Temple of Light, the connection is truly celestial!

As an Ascended Master, I AM independent of space and time and can speak these timeless words to you directly from the heart of God.

I AM the Hierarch in the Temple of Divine Service and Consolation in the Etheric Realm of Sri Lanka and would like to give you some information on the final stages and steps of your life's journey.

Now please open your heart doors as wide as possible to connect with Divine Love and Consolation.

Thanks to the grace of the Holy Spirit and His Cosmic Representative AEOLUS, I was able to receive many messages from the spiritual world in My last incarnation and pass them on to humanity. It was a great honour for me to be able to serve as a mouthpiece for the Ascended Masters and to play a significant role in building the bridge to freedom.

However, the psychological burden on me was increasing due to the numerous human expectations. I had not yet developed the strength of My beloved twin flame, known to you as the Ascended Master EL MORYA. In My earthly life I was rather shy and from this I have gained a great deal of understanding for those of you who have not yet shed your human shyness to step out of the conditioned consciousness of the masses with spiritual power and insurmountable determination.

After My Ascension, I was commissioned by My Cosmic Teacher and Master AEOLUS to take over the Temple of Solace and Divine Service He had been running for so long in the etheric realm above Sri Lanka, then still Ceylon, so that He could take over His new retreat in Shenandoah (USA) according to the Divine Plan for Earth.

Of course, I still gladly accept His mighty assistance and His precious help. My beloved EL MORYA, who leads the Temple of Divine Will in neighbouring India in the etheric realm above Darjeeling, as well as LORD DIVINO, who as BUDDHA MAITREYA now leads humanity into the Fifth Dimension and is the Hierarch in the Temple of the Buddha in the etheric realm above Kashmir, are also closely connected to Me and My Temple through their radiation of power and wisdom.

The Blue Ray of Power and the Golden Ray of Wisdom and Enlightenment essentially determine the Green Ray of Healing and Truth and magnetise particularly strong healing powers here on the islands on the Indian Ocean. Anyone who has ever experienced an Ayurveda cure in India or Sri Lanka knows what I am talking about! Ayurveda stands for the wisdom of life and can miraculously heal many people from illness and restore harmony and health to mind, body and soul.

The divine plan for planet Earth includes the transfer of cosmic energy from the East to the West. More and more focal points are now emerging in and around America and Europe. In the etheric realm of Oxford (England) is one of the main focal points of wisdom and enlightenment, which is directed and guided by the Chohan of the Golden Ray, the Ascended Master KUTHUMI.

Much will be revealed and unveiled to humanity in the coming times!

But first, a fundamental cleansing of many countries and peoples must take place, as always happens at the end of an epoch, in order to usher in the birth of a New Age.

This will temporarily cause much suffering and misery due to the necessary removal of karmic burdens. This is where the flame of Divine Consolation blazes forth, giving and transmitting essential relief and alleviation of the temporary painful transformation processes to those who ask.

Since GOD is the light of grace, goodness, love and mercy, our central sun and the solar parents of our solar system HELIOS AND VESTA now radiate the light of comfort and healing in a particularly intense way!

Many spiritual truths can hardly be expressed in limited human language. That is why JESUS liked to use parables to express something better.

As the Cosmic Representative of the Holy Spirit, AEOLUS directs the energy of LADY VESTA to the various Chohans of the Seven Holy Rays. These pass on the received energy as special spiritual qualities to the lifestreams on earth. As you surely know, consolation is one of the essential gifts of the divine spirit.

So what is the blessing of this heavenly gift?

In the biblical tradition, the prophet Isaiah already said: "As one whom his mother comforts, so will I comfort you!"

The New Testament also often speaks of the Father of mercy and the God of all comfort, who comforted Jesus' disciples after his departure and ascension until his return. Through the power of divine omnipresence, people who trust in God are given encouragement and compassion, especially in times of need and loneliness.

Perhaps you can now understand My task a little better. Just call Me a goddess of consolation who wants to comfort her children like a good mother. Whoever asks Me for consolation in this time, be it for themselves or for their fellow human beings, will receive as much consolation as possible!

As Ascended Master, I AM ONE WITH GOD and can give every soul the consolation it needs to fulfil its spiritual destiny with full strength despite all temporary hardship and to progress to a higher level of being.

Ask and you will receive!

Of course, you can also simply speak to your heart: "Come, Holy Spirit of consolation, and fill me with all your grace and glory to victoriously overcome all earthly worries and problems!"

Through the almighty light of the love of the one God I AM, which permeates and fills My entire being just as much as every Ascended Master and every Ascended Mistress, I am authorised to grant you all immediate assistance, protection and consolation at your request.

Oh yes, my divine nature is pure love for all of you! Love is the strongest power in the universe, and as your loving sister and friend, I will accompany you powerfully until you have fulfilled your individual destiny and achieved your ascension into the light of the immortal masters as daughters and sons of God!

Use this time and every day as a precious opportunity to reunite this earth hand in hand with the angels, the archangels and your heavenly brothers and sisters with the kingdom of CHRIST, the kingdom of love, the kingdom of our common Father-Mother-God! For this is why you too have been sent to this earth, to return home to the immortality of being as a son or daughter of the almighty God I AM after your service has been completed.

It is not so long ago that I lived among you as a human being and performed My service for the Light of God on earth to the best of My ability as Geraldine Innocente. I tell you this because one or the other of you is also always in readiness to possibly take over an office in the Hierarchy of Light after the fulfilment of his spiritual destiny on earth with Us in the Kingdom of Heaven!

It can happen faster than a human being thinks!

I AM now your friend and sister MIRIAM in the light of the grace of God's almighty presence and I extend My heavenly arms and hands to every soul who trusts in My love!