You are currently viewing Botschaft von LADY NADA zum 23. September 2023

Message from LADY NADA for 23 September 2023

Beloved sisters, brothers and friends who are still embodied as human beings in space and time. I AM your sister and friend in the Light of the CHRIST and enfold you not only in the ruby radiance of the 6th Ray of Humility and Peace, but also in the Violet Light of a fragrant radiant Rose of Transformation. Please imagine deeply breathing in and out the Light of the Power of Love as you hear or read My message now, and let My Divine Presence take you into the realm beyond space and time.

According to your imagination and trust in God, you could actually encounter the omnipresence of God and touch the kingdom of heaven at any time and in any quiet place. But the astral veil of worldly deceptions and your earthly conditioned patterns of thought and behaviour have almost closed the access to the Kingdom of Heaven in your heart.

If you now follow the energy of My words full of faith and trust, then I, as the feminine complement of Jesus, your soul brother, friend and constant spiritual companion, can remove part of this veil for you and re-establish the connection to your divinity.

You know that all Ascended Masters have walked this earth in more than one embodiment just as every human being has and have come home from darkness into the Light. Now We are all one again with our and your Divine Source and Origin of Life, one with your and our Father-Mother GOD.

Since We are now allowed to enjoy and experience the Eternal Light of Truth beyond space and time, We are also able to intervene in space and time when asked to do so from the heart, in order to give you Our spiritual assistance on the way home into the Light!

Your light services are the reward for your heartfelt calls to the Light of the Almighty Presence of God I AM! Thus, together with Jesus, Mother Mary and Master Saint Germain, I was able to open a channel of light to connect with the Spirit of Unity of the Great White Brotherhood and the Sisterhood of the Rose.

The rose has always been considered the queen of flowers and the symbol of the divine. Its fragrant petals represent the various facets of spiritual virtues and qualities. Blessed is the individual who blossoms into perfection, for his spirit will radiate the light of immortality already in space and time and touch the hearts of all beings of light. The Divine is the Light of eternal life and is invested in every human heart like a spark to express the perfect CHRISTLIGHT one day.

In the last light service, JESUS told you that some have now arrived at the spiritual finish line and only need a few more determined steps to be able to step out of the wheel of rebirths in space and time. I would like to remind you of this once again today!

From a divine point of view, of course, we can see far beyond your still limited conditioned human consciousness. We can also see how difficult it is for you to see beyond the worldly status quo and how quickly the earthly personality tends to look back and wants to stop short of the goal in order to give in to the pull of mass consciousness. But I would once again strongly encourage you all to persevere and let go of the entity of your lower personality like a cocoon that has become obsolete! Unless, of course, you decide once again to crawl on like a caterpillar on the earth, clinging to the habitual fare of the godless worldly matrix. Truly, your home kingdom is not of this world, which is now being transformed in leaps and bounds!

Take advantage of these precious opportunities when We come as close to you as We do here and now and share Our Presence with you. It was on the morning of the second day of March twenty years ago that I first met your light-filled soul group in a beautiful garden with a message. And so much has happened since then! Some have remained faithful and firm to My hand to this day, others have lost their way again in this world. But the homesickness of the soul will one day bring us all together again, if it corresponds to the individual intention.

You may of course share today's message with all your friends and companions who are now also faced with the great decision to surrender to the Divine Plan or to the matrix of this world. Do not let your determination and surrender to the Spirit of God within you be shaken by the storms and sometimes violent events that are here and are happening to purify and cleanse this planet and the souls of humanity.

Just trust that GOD will protect and shelter all who surrender to His unlimited LOVE, POWER and WISDOM and have devoted body, mind and soul to His omnipresence until their last earthly breath!

The Kingdom of Heaven is already open to all who direct their attention to the Inner Light from which I speak these words to you all here and now. Can you still not see how thin the veil is for those who place all their trust in Us? Worldwide, the portals to the spiritual world and to the still foreign galaxies are now open! How else would it be possible or is it to be understood that there are spiritual messages being transmitted and transferred from heart to heart everywhere?

Please do not lose sight of the fact that now, at the end and at the exit of the old time, you are to be our ambassadors in the human world to show your embodied companions the way into the light of the New Earth. The animals and the kingdom of nature beings, too, are waiting full of longing for the light of CHRIST to finally return through the hearts of human beings!

Yes, you are in truth the spiritual guides in this time of change, because you are in direct connection with the Source of Light! You have devoted yourselves to this destiny before the Karmic Council, and all the members of this Council have guided you with an invisible hand and have arranged everything in such a way that you have already come so close to the completion of your individual destiny.

In spite of all the adversities that are coming to the surface and will shock many more, it is easier for you than in days gone by, when many of you and also of Us have always been threatened with persecution and death, because the destructive powers of darkness want nothing to do with the Light of Truth.

We all know each other from times past and are now coming ever closer again according to your trust and spiritual openness! Many who hear this message of Mine, or later read it according to divine providence, have been there from the beginning when cultures and ages flourished and then were again given over to decline and ruin by spiritual decadence and led into the chaos of war, destruction and suffering.

I tell you that the Light of CHRIST will remove the darkness of the earthly tyrants with the power of the Divine Will according to the decided DIVINE PLAN! The window of opportunity is narrowing daily!

When the ribbon of forgetfulness is removed and the rose has blossomed in your heart, you will know who you have always been in truth!

All who have lived, suffered and served peace and Divine Love together with Mother Mary, Joseph (Saint Germain), Jesus and Me in the embodiment of Mary Magdalene in the time of the turning of the times will be reunited!

May the powerful energies of these days awaken and uncover the memory of your original destiny, which is hidden in the treasury of your heart and will be revealed as soon as possible according to your determination, perseverance, patience and love!

Yes, WE are all coming again on the clouds of heaven in your hearts to set up the new heaven and the new earth with you TOGETHER! Trust your Soulsister, who wants to express through her name that the human being without God is "Nothing = Nada", but with GOD is capable of everything! Truly, in union with God within you, all things are possible!

Realise and know that God is the eternal bond that connects and unites our hearts with each other in eternal love. May the blazing fire of God's love destroy all that has ever and for so long separated us from each other.

So be it decreed and in God's most holy name I AM here and now commanded!

I love you infinitely, as do My and your beloved Jesus, your Soul Mother Mary and your kind Soul Father Joseph, the true "Spiritual Regent of the New Golden Age" and current Chohan of the Violet Ray, all of whom are connected with My energy in love with your hearts and souls.

Namaste! I AM your heavenly sister and soul friend "NADA".