You are currently viewing Botschaft von LADY PORTIA zum LICHTDIENST am 18. März 2023

Message from LADY PORTIA for the SERVICE OF LIGHT on 18 March 2023

received by Michael Schmitz

The Divine that I AM salutes the Divine that you are!

You have called Me in the name of the Almighty and Omnipresent God I AM, and never are we further from your heart than a single trusting call to Our Presence! Thus I have come to you here and now, as your cosmic sister PORTIA, who has the great honour of representing the law of grace and justice to all mankind.

Those who have attentively participated in your light services from the beginning know My radiation and My authority, which is bestowed upon Me by HELIOS and VESTA, the spiritual parents of this solar system. Gladly do I, as the Goddess of Opportunity and Justice, take every opportunity that your hearts and souls offer Me to participate in each of your light services.

You will one day be able to see and realise with full consciousness what is really happening on these occasions! This much you should already know here and now - even if I have already told you once in a message - All those whom you call upon with your heart are in the midst of you, in order to reconnect and unite Heaven and Earth through you!

Do not think that the meanwhile Ascended Masters would have seen and known much more than you at the time of their human embodiment. They also had to walk the sometimes very arduous and painful path of faith without knowing! But their untiring trust in GOD, our Father in Heaven or the Mother Source of all that is good, true and beautiful, and their determination to unconditionally follow the Light of the Christ in their hearts, gave them the strength to persevere and achieve the goal of becoming ONE WITH GOD again.

You are all now - each in your own individual way - on the verge of completing and realising your divine destiny on Earth. Do not worry about what is going on out there in these end times. Everyone is being touched in one way or another by the powerful changes and is resolving their old unredeemed karma in the process, to cross the threshold into a New GOLDEN AGE on Earth purified and renewed.

None of you are participating today by chance in this cosmic opportunity to meet Me and the Spiritual Hierarchy of this Solar System in this way in a service of Light! The energy that each of you is taking in - according to your trust and faith - encompasses several stages of life at once. He who can grasp it, grasp it!

I am happy to reveal some essential facts to you in the following.

The year 2012 was a year of great expectations and great disappointments. Many light workers have even stopped on the Spiritual Path out of disappointment and in some cases have rejoined the earthly life of the masses. Other light servants have become even more determined for this very reason and have learned that they themselves can pave the way to a New Earth with the power of their thoughts and ideas.

Their patience and perseverance are now on the verge of receiving the reward for their efforts from the universe. For all humanity is now literally on the threshold of a great awakening!

From My spiritual perspective, the history of humanity looks like a roller coaster. After golden ages and spiritual high points, humanity lapsed again and again into decadence and spiritlessness, that is, spiritual darkness and derangement, only to finally experience a new day full of light again. Now another millennia of darkness is coming to an end to make way for a new cosmic day.

Where once the highest cultures reigned in fertile lush land, with fields, meadows and vast primeval forests, you now find the Gobi and Sahara deserts.

Atlantis and Lemuria, too, were doomed after people turned away from their former divinity and followed the egoistic paths of their earthly personality without regard for cosmic commandments and laws.

But the mass of humanity today no longer wants to know anything about this and prefers to continue to wallow blithely in their habits determined by the outer senses, which also include the earthly lust for war and power. It is these outer senses that have so subtly cloaked man's personality and ensnared it in the chains of Ariman, the powerful deceiver, that many find it very difficult to free themselves from the chains of negative deceptions and influences on their own. These so-called vices, and believe Me that everyone knows deeply what I am talking about, are what block your soul's path and want to pull you deeper and deeper into spiritual ignorance and spiritual numbness!

As soon as you become intuitively aware of this negative influence, then immediately call upon the assistance of Archangel Michael, who can free you from these invisible chains with His angelic legions.

For believe Me, if you do not make the right decision by your own power with your Free Will, you will connect yourself ever more deeply with the consciousness of the masses, and sooner or later will be caught up by worldly fate, which can be a very severe teacher!

As the Goddess of Justice, it is very dear to Me to guide you to choose rightly in order to victoriously fulfill your destiny and the individual plan you agreed to before the Karmic Council. Know that righteousness and rightness are one and mean the return home to the Divine Order!

I would like to take this opportunity to bring you the glad tidings that the DIVINE PLAN - and this of course I know very well as the Speaker of the Karmic Council - has provided for a complete turn to the good, the true and the beautiful, and will remove all dark power strivings and negative influences with cause, core and effect from this Paradise Planet!

All human souls must now make a decision whether to continue to follow their little limited ego, that is, their mortal and perishable personality separated from God, or whether to re-align with their Divine Source and Divine Order.

All security, provision and protection at this turning point lie solely in the inner connection with God. Divine justice and Divine order are finally returning after a long time, preparing the fertile ground for a spiritual rebirth of humanity.

It is - to put it in a nutshell - all or nothing! Those who now unfold their Divine Spark to rise as CHRIST from the grave of human history and carry the pillars of the new Golden Age within them will truly experience what no human eye has ever seen before: a completely New Earth and a New Heaven.

What happens to the souls who do not want to awaken and prefer to cling to their old traditions and habits?

They will still be able to continue their process of learning and development through their experiences and destiny according to their level of consciousness. But the opportunity to participate in this incomparably gracious ascension process, where the whole Hierarchy of Light and all its members and Angelic Legions provide them with so much cosmic assistance through numerous messages of light and individual spiritual protection, will pass them by.

Opportunities come and go!

They will follow the cycle of birth and death as they have done for ages until the call of the soul within them awakens and can no longer be ignored. GOD is everywhere and will send help and assistance to every soul instantly "like a good father" if it voluntarily asks for it and longs for its true home of light again.

Every day is still a precious opportunity to awaken or to awaken a soul in your circle of acquaintances or relatives through your loving example as "CHRIST IN ACTIVITY".

It is dear to My heart to speak a few words about Egypt, because a small group of you were travelling there under the protection of the presence of SERAPIS BEY and the Ascended Master LING, whom you know from history as MOSES, and through these hearts We were able to radiate joy and bliss into the once so meaningful and promising land on the Nile.

In the heyday of Egypt, humans and their extraterrestrial protectors were still in intact communion and communication. It was no problem for the galactic guardians and teachers of this people, with their advanced technology, to create these pyramids and structures with the many still undiscovered chambers and passages that are sealed to this day and lead into the interior of the earth.

They were highly evolved enlightened teachers and protectors from other stars who lovingly cared for the so-called stragglers who could not keep up with the ascension of their home planets. Through thorough instruction and spiritual education, they hoped that these "oversettled ones" would quickly raise their level of development so that they could later return home to their ascended home people. The same is in store for the souls of people who cannot or will not adapt to the ascension energies of this earth.

When the stragglers, despite all instruction against Divine Consciousness, chose their mortal personalities and their lower needs and outer senses, the fall of the once mighty culture began. But the legacy of Egypt is still beyond human words, though still hidden and inaccessible to the public!

Everything is simply a matter of consciousness and a consequence of Free Will!

Beloved listeners and readers of these words of Mine, I would very much like to take this opportunity to once again emphasise the true significance of LUXOR, the spiritual capital of Egypt. For above this city, in the etheric realm of the earth, i.e. in the ethereal belt, is the so-called TEMPLE of ASCENSION of SERAPIS BEY and His fellow servants of light.

The sign that all members wear on their headband is a winged sun. This symbol is the emblem of the Divine Nature of man, that is, of the "God-Man". It signifies the unfolding of the Divine spark into a flame and finally into a radiant sun that illuminates everything! This is the goal of man's spiritual development: to be a living CHRIST on earth and later in the universe.

Be aware that man has a twofold nature within himself - a human and a divine one!

In the process of ascension from human to divine consciousness, there is a gradual raising of the vibration of the four lower bodies. The souls of human beings progress from one realisation to the next until they finally belong to the so-called enlightened ones and are united with God again.

In this sense, let JESUS, the CHRIST and His enlightened fellow-servants in the Kingdom of Heaven, which is anchored and contained within each of you, say to you once more:

You are truly Gods and Goddesses, and it is NOW up to yourselves to realise this inviolable truth by putting on the divine robe of light in the royal chamber of your heart!

Be wise and listen to the messages that are offered to you and given to you out of grace and mercy, because you are all so infinitely loved!

We stretch out our arms to you to bring you home into our cosmic light from which you too were once sent to this earth - and even if still invisible - to guide you until we all meet again face to face in the light of the perfection of life!

So take the opportunity of this time to return home through the gate that I AM,

Yes, I AM your sister, your teacher and your "Goddess of Justice and Opportunity".

I AM PORTIA, the living and open door to the freedom of your spirit.