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El Morya speaks about our unity with GOD

Message received by Gabriele Schmitz on 26 March 2024

Beloved goddesses and gods in human form!

I AM in your midst. I AM El Morya. You have called me and I follow your call. It is the same with all masters and angels who offer you their service. When you call us, we answer your call.

Today I AM come to point out limitations in you and make you aware of them. Nothing should prevent you from recognising and fulfilling the Divine Will and your individual soul plan, which each of you carries within you, in this life.

So I address my word to you to ask you to seek out and overcome all the limitations within you that you have stored in your cellular memory from previous incarnations and that are at work in your life through your subconscious. Also transform all limitations that have been placed on you in the cultural, religious and social environment of your upbringing in your families, schools and churches. One of these limitations is that you do not see yourselves as divine on earth. Feel for yourselves if you feel resistance and discomfort when I call you that. In your religions you have been taught that you are not worthy, that God is within you and that you are children of God. This was branded as sacrilege. You can hardly appreciate how much this has limited your true divine core and hindered your divine nature as a human being.

As a soul, you are boundless and multidimensional and only a very small part of you is in your body. Try to make contact with the parts of you in the higher dimensions. They have an overview of your origins and all your lives and have access to everything that is.

You are powerful beings and your ascension can succeed in this incarnation if you ignite the mighty immortal threefold flame within you, expand it and make it blaze ever stronger. It should permeate your entire being! Then you can ascend individually, as all those who now serve as Ascended Masters and Mistresses in the Spiritual Hierarchy have done. Your ascension can succeed via the Threefold Flame if you intend it from the bottom of your heart and focus and concentrate on it with all your inner strength!

You always have the free choice. You can also align yourselves with all that is imperfect in the outer world and thereby risk being carried away by the maelstrom of illusions and worldly deceptions!

You are being greatly assisted at the moment by the incoming energies that are transforming your bodies and minds, and so you may have some discomfort at this time. Take these as a sure sign that your bodies are evolving into the crystalline body, which you can then take with you in this incarnation as you ascend, depending on your confidence and determination.

Your heart is your guide in everything. It knows where you should go. So today I would really like to implore you once again to pay even more attention to the light and the voice of your heart. This requires silence and your devotion to the omnipresence of God!

You are well aware of all this. But are you really going into the silence you need to feel and hear what your heart is telling you? Get ready to take the final steps inexorably into our outstretched arms. Let nothing distract you any longer, for your goal is closer than the earthly mind with its limitations can grasp.

There may still be stressful and challenging times ahead for some of you, which cannot be avoided during this intense time of great transformation.

Also look after the wellbeing of your body. Pure water is a key. You should flow like the water. It always finds a way and is unstoppable.

Throughout the universe we await your arrival at the finish line.

Now I would like to address the women among you. Femininity is in urgent need of healing and strengthening, for you are the ones giving birth to the New Earth. You are full of devotion to life, you know about the feminine elemental force, the magical power of the Goddess within you, and you have the inner wisdom and the ancient knowledge and are very close to the Divine Plan through your intuition. This is how we entrust you with the birth of the New Earth. This does not exclude the male incarnates. They may give you the necessary protection through the power of the spirit and the power of the will so that the New Earth can emerge and harmony and balance between the feminine and masculine energy can finally be restored.

There is a lot of talk about different timelines and this can confuse you. I am talking to you about levels of consciousness because if you question the principle of timelines, you are in the mind and it is important now to act on the heart level. Do not be unsettled about what is to come. The support of the cosmic light energies reaching you, your planet and all life on it is tremendous. You just need to open up to it so that the energies can bring about change within you and not be delayed, held back or even blocked by yourselves.

When things come up that keep you busy and almost take you out of your centre, please use the following affirmation. Some of you may know it. Now I place it in your heart:

Be still and know that I AM GOD.

Be still and know that I AM GOD.

Be still and know that I AM GOD.

Say it so often until it becomes second nature to you and you are aware of your unity with GOD!

With love your

El Morya

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