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The time has come!

Dear co-embodied ones!

The time has come when the eternal light of truth is inexorably returning with great power to the hearts and consciousness of humanity.

Those who know that they carry a body in order to express their inner light in this world of forms and masks (personalities), and who should do so according to their divine destiny, will no longer allow their spirit to be paralyzed as easily as in past millennia by the fearful "beast" (see John's Revelation), because they have been prepared life by life to now unite earth and heaven with CHRIST - the omnipresence of God I AM.

For thousands of years, the corrupt ruling powers of this world have tried to extinguish our divine nature, i.e. to separate our spiritual consciousness from God, our heavenly Father and our source of life. Therein lies the greatest fearfulness of these dark life-hostile tyrants, that man becomes aware of his divine trinity of LOVE, WISDOM and POWER!

The soul of man is truly pure, original and immortal consciousness! For it is in truth the breath of God and created in His image! We are not only called children of God, we are!

Now the time of the "Holy Spirit" has come and every soul that freely asks to be enlightened and filled with the light of wisdom, truth and love will be heard!

"Ask and you shall receive!" This is a cosmic law. Just like this: "According to your faith and trust, it shall be done unto you!"

Those who confidently trust in GOD no longer need to worry! For in this trust, there is no longer any room for the fearful and conditioned thoughts artificially created by the apocalyptic beast, whose sinister intentions are to dominate and destroy this earth and all life on it.

The signs of this time are clearly and distinctly spiritually recognizable! But where the immortal spirit is still deeply asleep and continues to wear the burial cloths of the conditioned thought patterns of the worldly matrix, there is no realization.

The Divine Plan of Cosmic Wisdom and Universal Love now provides for a complete cleansing and renewal of the earth and of mankind! Due to the massive events and worldwide awakening experiences, many souls will awaken to their inner divine nature in time at the end of the old dark time. These will then become the spiritual pillars of the New Age and the New Earth!

They are the ones of whom it is written that no human eye has yet seen what GOD has in store for those who have remained faithful to His omnipresence and His laws and commandments of life until the end.

This end has now come, and with it the birth of the New Earth and the New Heaven begins at the same time. Only the awake spirit that carries a body and is aware of this will survive the cosmic transition into the new Golden Age on this earth without harm. Many will discard their bodies because they no longer need them on the high spiritual levels, where everything has returned to the light...and where everything is ONE WITH GOD as it was in the beginning! Others will transform their body into a light body with the help of the daily increasing cosmic transformation energy and take it with them into the light of the highest dimensions, so that they can use it again at will to meet their younger brothers and sisters in the flesh and provide spiritual assistance.

So be it ordained that every soul who can perceive the energy of truth in this text and recognize it in her heart can return (ascend) safely through the coming days of the separation of the worlds from the incarnation cycle into the light of our Oneness at the hand of God and through the inner voice of the Christ.

So be it!