You are currently viewing Unsere kosmische Gelegenheit in dieser außergewöhnlichen Zeit

Our cosmic opportunity in this extraordinary time

Dear friends of light, GOD is the fiery bond of love that unites our hearts and souls.

We are now entering the literal Golden Age in which people are always raising their consciousness and, depending on their determination and perseverance, will soon be united with their immortal Higher Self - that rules and reigns beyond space and time. It is the time of SELF-realization, i.e. that humans become CONSCIOUS of their divine original nature again.

You are now being confronted more and more often with high vibrational messages that want to show us the way into the light. The time of revelation and disclosure has definitely begun NOW!!! But only the open and prepared hearts can truly receive the high vibration of the cosmic light. As CHRIST says so aptly: "My disciples know My voice!" I am not saying "sheep" here, because then many would grumble and bleat again. (You understand what I mean.)

The masses attach virtually no importance to the solar flares of the last few days because their materialistic view is hardly in a position to consciously absorb this electron energy. But the light of the sun is our life energy! All life, inside and outside, small and large, depends on our solar parents HELIOS AND VESTA! If people absorb this electron energy with their heart consciousness and transform it into a positive vibration, the so-called "catastrophic" events become superfluous. Otherwise, this light energy can lead to massive tensions (of electricity). In due course, humanity will receive even clearer and more explicit information about this. These in- FORM-ations then give the answer to THE FORM, which emerges from the constantly increasing and inflowing Cosmic Energy. The sooner man adapts to the Cosmic CHRIST energy, the sooner his CONSCIOUSNESS will transform into LIGHT and prepare the way to ascend from human to divine consciousness.

Many concepts that you hear in the messages must be put in order by yourselves. This is only possible if you do not resist the new or immediately subject it to the ridiculousness and limitations of our earthly matrix.

The biggest problem for "normal consciousness" when it is confronted with the fact that all humans are supposed to be gods and goddesses. But the DIVINE SPARK in every human heart has the entire potential of the universe and its source (CREATOR SPIRIT/GOD) within it. What many have heard before is: "Man is created in the image of God." In order to draw a somewhat wider picture, I now use this comparison: "Man is a GOD in embryonic form and shape." Just as a human embryo usually takes nine months to be "born", the divine spirit takes an incomparably longer time to gather all possible experiences in space and time and then to awaken with CHRIST and receive the radiant light crown of life.

The universe always gives as much energy as necessary to unfold the spirit. Now is the time on Earth when the greatest tension (the battle between the forces of darkness and light also contributes significantly to this) can lead to the greatest possible opportunity to return home from the mortal human consciousness into the freedom of the immortal I AM consciousness.

Since time and space are infinite, it will still be possible to unfold the spark of the Divine Spirit at another time in another space.

Know that in the light of love, every soul will reach its destination and complete the cycle of life.

As we are still on a planet of Free Will, it would be wise and prudent to take the opportunity to use our will at the hand of the 'Goddess of Opportunity' to complete our intended spiritual destiny now.

In closing, let it be revealed to all light friends and soul brothers and sisters that 'The Goddess of Justice' - Lady Portia - also holds the office of 'Goddess of Opportunity' in the hierarchy of our solar system.

All her love and goodness is poured out upon you who take the energy of these lines into your hearts with your attention and allow it to flourish. She would most certainly speak to us now:



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