You are currently viewing Über die Geburt der Neuen Erde und des Neuen Menschen

About the Birth of the New Earth and the New Humankind

Spiritually speaking, we are now living in the time before our new birth!

Many human souls have almost reached the end of their life journey through space and time and are being prepared these days for their rebirth into the higher dimensions. This process of birth still requires essential rearrangements of our physical body. Therefore, it is of great importance to pay attention to a healthy natural diet and to drink a lot of pure water!

Our beloved Earth urgently needs the awakening and usage of our spiritual power, which is anchored and innate in all of us, for its healing and renewal. The outer contractions are only natural temporary side effects. It is the Cosmic Hour in which the Christ Consciousness is now awakening individually and worldwide to lead humanity out of the earthly limited consciousness into the cosmic unlimited consciousness.

The spirit ("Divine Spark") that has rested in the human being for so long is finally awakening to its eternal divinity after ages of development in space and time. All souls who deeply sense and intuitively feel in their hearts that the time of their destiny has come are now being awakened in all corners of the earth by the inner voice and the increasing radiant light of truth.

That which hitherto could only be hinted at in all scriptures and traditions is now revealed and unveiled to those who are really ready for it, and who intuitively know that there are no coincidences on their spiritual path of development, but only providences!

Everything has been arranged for the completion of one's spiritual destiny according to one's divine programme and plan, and no word could touch the bottom of one's heart if the ground for it were not yet fertile. Love is always a matter of trust and devotion! Knowledge and enlightenment are the reward for faith, trust, perseverance, patience and determination on the spiritual path, that is, the path of the spirit.

The universal wealth and boundless abundance of grace of the Creator of heaven (spirit) and earth (matter) are available to all His children, His daughters and sons. But only a few people have the faith and trust to safely cross the bridge that leads them through the humanly caused and created astral veil directly into the arms of their sisters and brothers who have mastered life "as a human being" in space and time and are now again constantly consciously connected with their and our "Father in Heaven" who speaks:

I am the I AM from eternity to eternity.

These words do not come from any personal source of the earthly-human mind, but directly from the source of the spirit which connects and unites all hearts, precisely from the spirit of the unity of all that is good, true and beautiful; from the source of all life!

Whatever happens in the days ahead, we are all a part of this happening and each one determines for himself according to his free will whether he will unconditionally entrust himself to the omnipresence of God I AM in his heart and follow his divine Inner Voice, or whether he will continue to follow the ideas which have been more or less conditioned by the invisible corrupt rulers of the Outer World and imposed on the earthly personality to separate us humans from our inner divinity.

Jesus Christ spoke clear and unequivocal words: "The ruler of this world is Satan. But against the invincible and unconquerable powers of light, which are led by, among others, Archangel MICHAEL, "the beast (Rev) " is powerless and will have to capitulate!!!

In these days, everyone deeply discovers his own truth and chooses for himself his inner friends from the Divine Spiritual World, whom his soul follows full of trust.

Furthermore, everyone has collected and stored different ideas and individual experiences in the course of their eon-long journey through space and time. But we are all in the same place now, on Earth, and we have all gathered here at the same time in human history to participate in the birth of the new Earth and the new Man. As it says so gloriously and so wonderfully in the last book of the Bible, " And I saw a new heaven and a new earth!" (Rev 21:1)

Everything now happens according to Cosmic Laws and according to our trust in God, whom we may call our origin in fullest confidence and experience as the "good Father" within us! In the light of His love and presence, the CHRIST-LIGHT, we may be sure that nothing can separate and keep us from the truth any longer! For truth and love are also our path, our destiny and our programme! Unless one is still "personally programmed", i.e. occupied with all kinds of worldly illusions and trickeries.

Everything in the visible outer world is only a parable for the souls to get home through the gate that is invisible and closed to the earthly mind into the eternal light of truth and love. The heavenly portals are now wide open for all human souls who feel their soul's homesickness for the original divinity ever more clearly!

Even though these words and their energy may still be received with a humanly conditioned mind, they already contain THE NEW ENERGY for heart and spirit, with which everyone can initiate his or her spiritual rebirth by expanding the spiritual soul wings ever further!

Finally have access to your innate power, wisdom and love and use your mighty wings of the spirit, which can lift you as far above time and space as your individual trust makes possible!

The Golden Armour of Wisdom and Enlightenment is your own, and your Cosmic Source, the I AM, is waiting "like a good mother" for YOU to finally accept it!

The whole of life is a question of your consciousness!