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The Key to the NEW EARTH

A short time ago I was given the key to the NEW EARTH in a meditation, but I knew immediately that it contained more than just visualising the new earth. I also knew that this handing over of the key was not just to me and included the invitation to share this experience.

In the days since then, I have been led through a process of consciousness, so to speak, by this handing over of the key, which has something magical-mystical about it, where one piece of the puzzle leads to the next and which is certainly not finished with this day.

It is, so to speak, an empowerment, a mission to become the (co-)creator of the NEW EARTH.

We cannot be spectators to whom the ascension of Mother Earth is served on a silver platter. There is no proverbial 'Waiting for Godot', an existential compulsion to wait long and in vain. There will be no 'Deus ex machina' as in a Greek tragedy, the intervention of a divine force that will resolve from 'above' a situation that is insoluble from a human point of view.

It is a matter of bringing in our very own energy and setting it in motion, of acknowledging our creative power and getting started with what our soul desires to do and why it has embodied itself at this time! We may acknowledge what powerful beings of light we are. I love this quote from Nelson Mandela, which expresses this very thing: "It is our light, not our darkness, that frightens us."

What specifically can everyone do?

I was given this piece of the puzzle to do that: I read on a Telegram channel for enlightenment a prophetic message from a spiritual healer about what is in store for humanity in the coming months. After all, this channel has over 22,000 subscribers and I asked myself what energies this post would release through the readers in the field of consciousness and thus create as a timeline. As a (co-)creator, I can decide to put an encouraging and uplifting energy into the field and answer for myself the question of what I would like to experience in the near future and visualise this as vividly as possible and accompany it with positive feelings.

Another piece of the puzzle, effective and simple: grounding.

Everyone knows how pleasant it is to walk barefoot by the ocean, but I had never heard of barefoot shoes until the day my son told me about them and a few days later a video reached me about how healing grounding is for our bodies through barefoot walking.

Such truths are also coming to light now. Is it any wonder that a few days later I was standing in front of a shop selling exclusively barefoot shoes in a small town on the Rhine that had just opened and I bought my first shoes of this kind? Since then I have only worn them and my knee complaints have been significantly reduced.

Mother Earth gives us healing and we can support her in her ascension process as a (co-)creator through our loving energy that is consciously made available to her.

Anyone who has read about or seen the pictures of the fire on Maui, an island in the Hawaiian archipelago, will have felt great compassion and perhaps immediately sensed that this was no ordinary fire that affected the indigenous people and their places of worship. Again, the truth comes out and is shared through this powerful message as a video:

I would like to adopt here the words of my Canadian soul sister Liz, who perfectly paraphrases what is happening through this event:

'This was a beautiful reminder that the dark sometimes expedites the alchemy, transformation, and exponential growth of our brilliant light forces.'

As (co-)creators and dedicated light workers, we will endure. We will succeed. We will ascend. We will love. We will grow together according to our soul plan.