You are currently viewing Botschaft von MUTTER MARIA zum Muttertag

Message from MOTHER MARY for Mother's Day

received through Michael in the early morning hours of May 14

Beloved sisters and brothers of My Heart, as the Divine Mother that I AM, I embrace you all with the energy of Heaven contained in these words, which always and everywhere accompanies you with infinite love at every turn.

I AM full of joy and gratitude for the opportunity to come close to you again in so many different ways in the light of this time, because you have opened your heart doors to me, especially today on Mother's Day!

Often I have called you "My children", but now I call you sisters and brothers, because most of you who read this already wear the spiritual garment of people who are intuitively aware of their spiritual destiny, even if your earthly mind cannot yet recognize anything of what is happening to your spirit now!

In my incarnation as the mother of Jesus, I have been on the way "as a human" just like you now. Only the firm faith and the persistent trust in God have led me up to my ascension. As you know, I was allowed to take my body with me into the light at that time. Some of you will be allowed to do the same when you have fulfilled your plan and completed your spiritual destiny in an earthly body.

Day by day, the energy from the center of your heart and the Great Central Sun of Alpha and Omega is now increasing.

I don't need to tell you anymore that the cosmic CHRIST ENERGY connects and supplies all hearts through the Divine Spark. In God there is no separation!

There is only the one eternal universal life, which I AM and YOU ARE!

If only you would remove for a moment the veil which apparently still separates us from each other, then you could meet me with your soul eyes face to face.

YES, you are able to do that! Because in the center of your heart all spiritual dispositions for it are contained and innate!

Still you fight day by day with the imperfections and limitations of your earthly personality and are held by rigid human ideas and dogmatic doctrines behind this spiritual veil. But every time you turn your attention to a celestial being, an angel, an archangel or a member of the Spiritual Hierarchy, you are immediately connected with their and your original energy, and your spirit is inspired and uplifted by it.

Also on this occasion I would like to empower you here and now and ignite your perfectly divine energy by breathing the Immortal Threefold Flame in your heart with the Goddess energy that accompanies the return of the CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS!

With the entrance or the descent into the three-dimensional space and time structure you have lost your divine consciousness and in the course of eons you have become more and more entangled in doubts, illusions, darkness, ignorance and powerlessness. But the time has now come when you can and, according to the Divine Plan, should awaken to your perfect original divine glory. The messages for this are literally raining down from heaven in this time!

Just as I, as Mother, gave birth to your brother Jesus and was allowed to accompany him in his ascent into the Christ consciousness, I will accompany, instruct, protect and safely hold every soul with my arms in its desired ascent into the light of the eternal being. Trust in the love and kindness of a Divine Mother, just as many of your ancestors trusted in my divine presence and in the meantime have also safely reached the home of their soul.

On Earth today, many celebrate "Mother's Day," honoring the Source of Being. The source or origin of your spirit is in truly one, male and female, father and mother. Indescribable are the blessings and light in your Divine Spark!

Just as a mother does everything possible for her child to be born, so you should now do everything possible to consecrate all your life energy to the Divine Spark in your soul and resolutely surrender to its perfect unfoldment!

By igniting this spark of your own free will, you become one again with the Spirit of God and therefore also with us, who are His presence!

You can now grow further and further beyond yourselves day by day and expand your consciousness faster than human imagination allows.

Thus you will be able to see and recognize the eternal truth and consciously return home to your immortality. Nothing will be able to stop you anymore, because the Light that has been born in you and through you is omnipotent and insurmountable!

Once you have ignited your Divine Spark with full intention and devotion, there is no turning back! The Divine Countdown has thus begun and is attracting more and more energy!

The CHRIST-LIGHT in your individual spark will abruptly change your earthly life so far and will only be directed towards the perfection of love and wisdom - if you want to express it with your Free Will! In this light soon nothing can separate us from each other and the veil dissolves for you!

I AM your spiritual sister and divine mother and enfold every soul in the eternally blazing fire of my love for you and for all life. I do not speak to your heart today by chance through these words, but because I could not yet meet you otherwise.

A single thought would be enough to make contact with My presence in your heart, but only a few believe this and trust in it! Just as every good mother carries only the best of her children in her heart, so I carry the perfect pattern of your spirit in Me.

Today is truly a very good day and a very special opportunity to meet you and unite our heart flames in the name of the almighty presence of God I AM