You are currently viewing Erhöhe deine Frequenz, deine Eigenschwingung!

Raise your frequency, your self-vibration!

This is what we hear and read again and again in messages and spiritual texts.

Perhaps you can still remember the scene in the film 'The Prophecies of Celestine' when the protagonists simply raised their vibrations and thus became invisible to their persecutors because they were in a lower vibration. The advantage was that they entered another dimension, that is a level of consciousness where a higher frequency vibrates. They were in another reality from which they experienced their situation in a clearer, freer perspective.

This is exactly what is at stake for the awakening and awakened humanity now, namely to reach a higher vibrational level of consciousness in the direction of the 5th dimension. It is up to each self how he or she reaches this level, but a few hints of techniques might be helpful at this point. It is not easy to manoeuvre through the turbulence of this time. Light and darkness rarely meet as intensely as in this turning time!

The start of a new completely pure day is crucial in these times. You should expect the very best and " lift yourself up" in harmony with the Divine Plan by aligning yourself with the Divine within you. A short affirmation, preferably spoken aloud, is a good way:

I AM light.
I love the light.
I serve the light.
I live in the light.
I am protected, enlightened, provided for and supported by the light.
I bless the light.

The physical level can also be aligned with the day. According to the millennia-old teachings of Ayurveda (knowledge of life), boiled water that is still hot should be drunk in sips in the morning to stimulate the body's activity. Drinking energised and pure water is essential, as water is an information carrier, as we can see in the beautiful crystal pictures by Dr. Emoto.

Nutrition as a whole plays a very important role. From the spiritual world we are asked to consider our body as our temple, where the soul dwells and which must be kept pure. The folk saying speaks the truth: You are what you eat! The food industry is misused by the dark forces to make humanity sick. Only natural and untreated food, lovingly prepared, resonates highly.

Physical and spiritual alignment are interlinked and offer a synergistic effect. Deep and conscious breathing nourishes the entire body system, but it is also necessary to enter a meditative state. The breath is a stream of energy. It sustains life and in its rhythm we grow and flourish. The more consciously we inhale, the more energy the body absorbs.

A good affirmation while inhaling could be: I AM inhaling the omnipotent and omnipresent LIGHT of God. Then imagine the light of your Divine Spark expanding like a sun and radiating through every cell of your body and every organ... until everything is illuminated by your consciousness - including the whole earth and our solar system.

Spending time in nature promotes both. The sun provides the body with vitamin D and how beneficial it is for the temper when, after a few rainy days, it finally dominates the sky again.

Sound makes the atoms, electrons and molecules in our cells vibrate. Harmonious music, dancing and singing immediately raise the frequency. On the car ride to work, simply turn off the radio and instead let the primal sound OM resound loudly from deep within you for a few minutes and you will experience a small miracle.

You can get yourself the tuning fork C 4096 and strike it with a narrow elongated quartz crystal or use a singing bowl to raise your natural frequency.

Colours are also vibrations in different frequencies. As soon as the light dissolves the darkness of the night in the early morning, we are exposed to colour-energy vibrational stimuli. Be it through the wonderful phenomena of nature, such as colourful sunrises or sunsets, to the colourful interplay of the seasons or the colourful design of our individual world, such as clothing or home design.

Colours trigger very profound effects in us, because they 'colour' the thoughts and the spirit, which leads to certain psychological and biological processes in the organism. Their influence is direct and immediate and extends to body, mind and soul, whether we are aware of it or not.

It is advisable to study the vibration of colours more intensively. Already in ancient Egypt people were aware of the healing power of colours and the priests and healers possessed the knowledge to perform specific applications in healing temples, which they kept strictly secret. In our modern world, knowledge of the influence of colours is also used manipulatively, for example in the fashion or advertising industry to influence purchasing decisions and feelings. One can also ask the question why so many garments are black. Black is not a component of pure white light.

No other sensory experience influences our well-being as much as scent. Scents control our behaviour and our feelings. There is a sensitive field in the nasal septum that registers the finest ingredients of scents and sends them directly to the part of the brain responsible for feelings and memories: the 'limbic system'. There, the production of messenger substances that control our sensations is stimulated. Aromatherapy makes use of this with essential oils that contain the concentrated active ingredient power of plants. Who does not know the uplifting effect of the scent of roses? Thus, a fragrance lamp in which selected fragrances illuminate a room can have a lasting positive influence on one's own vibration.

A dear soul sister and sister from previous lives produces very high vibrational essences under the guidance of Ascended Masters, which we can highly recommend:

Human consciousness is actually a question of spiritual vibration. The higher the individual consciousness vibrates, the more likely the immortal soul is to ascend back into the subtle dimensions from which it originally came. In this blog post we have pointed out a few ways in which we can raise our own frequency. The most significant and important activity is to expand the inner heart flame, as Pallas Athena and other members of the Spiritual Hierarchy say again and again in their messages.

More on this shortly...


Here you will find the latest message from Pallas Athena, which talks, among other things, about how to expand your inner heart flame: