You are currently viewing Botschaft für den Lichtdienst am 17. Juni 2023 von JESUS CHRISTUS

Message for the Light Service on June 17, 2023 from JESUS CHRIST

received through Michael

Direct your attention mainly only to the wonderful world of spiritual reality.

Day by day the veil of illusions - the so-called veil of Maya - is now being lifted before your inner eyes and, according to your determination, is being dissolved and consumed by the blazing flames of your divine nature.

Come as often as possible into the INNER LIGHT which pulsates in every heart as the spark of life like a sun in miniature. There you can also meet My presence, because I AM not bound to space and time, but eternally there for you!

Truly, truly I AM as a man, as JESUS OF NAZARETH, come to you to show and teach you the WAY OF CHRIST in a human incarnation.

If you follow My teachings and let Me be part of your life as your teacher, brother and friend, I will lead you safely and securely by My spiritual hands home to your Father and to My Father, to your Source and to My Source - the Source of all that is GOOD, TRUE and WONDERFUL!

On a literally holy evening, two of your group decided at that time to meet regularly with like-minded people to walk the path home into the light under My guidance. According to the law: "The intention determines the goal" you have now arrived shortly before the finish line!

As soon as you have fulfilled and completed your divine destiny, the gate will open for your spiritual coronation and completion of your journey through space and time.

Consider it a coincidence of the Kingdom of Heaven that you have all been individually called here today to receive a great blessing from the Spiritual Hierarchy in the Light of HELIOS AND VESTA, the Parents of this Solar System.

You may and shall know that the energy field of now over 100 Light Services has created for Archangel MICHAEL and His Angelic Legions an impassable portal and a powerful focus for the Spirit of Oneness of the GREAT WHITE BROTHERHOOD!

LADY PORTIA, the Goddess of Justice and Opportunity, has given you to understand clearly in a message how important and beneficial these opportunities of Light Services are to everyone who has ever participated in them.

The earthly mind of man has been so conditioned and limited for millennia that it has become almost impossible to rediscover the divine nature and awaken to CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS. All of you who are physically present here today or feel addressed by my words, belong to those who are called by GOD to take on their inward robe of light and to complete My mission as CHRIST IN ACTION NOW.

In the Bible it is written that I would come again on the clouds of the sky. This does not mean that I will come to you on the outer clouds, but will speak to you from WITHIN and will establish the New Earth and the New Heaven together with you!

But before the spirit of man is not awakened, his personal mind cannot comprehend anything of the divine light of TRUTH!

Among you are lifestreams who knew Me personally well and often already walked on earth together with Me. The memory will rise as soon as the time is ripe. But before that it is necessary to get rid of the entity of the earthly conditioned personality, the so-called ego, which has separated from its divinity! Then you will also be able to watch all your past lifetimes from the wheel of rebirths like in an adventure movie with your already ascended light brothers and sisters and spiritual companions without being personally affected by it.

Until then, take time to recognize as many opportunities as you can and sow as much good in space and time as your heart will allow you.

Much has already been told to you, and also repeated occasionally, to sow deeply into your consciousness. Trust confidently in these days that all Our messages and words will come true for you at the right time!

I AM aware that some now want to hear and know more from Me concerning their current situation and individual situation. However, it shall be enough for you for the time being to know that each one of you is immeasurably loved, because GOD is LOVE ITSELF, which unites and connects our individual souls. And each of you, who hears or reads this message, will experience comfort, strength, encouragement, wisdom and knowledge according to his heart's prayer and trust in God's omnipresence, in order to safely reach the goal of the journey through space and time.

The numerous messages from the spiritual world are always only small tongues of fire that help to destroy the veil of forgetfulness and earthly delusions, slowly but surely, and let you ascend and return home to your own original state of light and divine sovereignty.

Here and now I speak to you as JESUS, the CHRIST, and enfold everyone who trusts these My words in My unlimited cosmic love! Know that My beloved Twin Flame and Divine Complement, whom you know as LADY NADA or from history as Mary Magdalene, and also My and your MOTHER MARY place Her divine mantle around your souls and hearts... not to mention the Ruler and King of the New Golden Age, the mighty MASTER SAINT GERMAIN, who still stands by your side in the light of goodness and humility as then as My Father JOSEF, to serve and ignite the Divine Spark in your heart.

PALLAS ATHENA and Her Divine Twin Flame, the Ascended Master AEOLUS, are also now in your midst and greet each and every one of you - especially, of course, their faithful daughter, who has once again come with you in a human dress to serve as an ambassador of truth in the light of her Cosmic Parents.

Yes, beloved sisters, brothers and soul friends, in the words that you now read or hear more and more often, there is still far more energy than can be absorbed and processed at once. That is why it is good to read them so often until you yourselves have become a focal point of the Divine Spirit and bring forth EVERYTHING from the Source in YOURSELF.

For as I have often said: Our SOURCE and our ORIGIN are one and the same! Therefore, all of you could also accomplish and do the same works, which I did in my last human incarnation as Jesus. It is only up to your individual faith and trust in God!

Just talk as often as you can in silence WITH GOD, the bond of love and wisdom, which connects our hearts and souls eternally. I love you and thank everyone who has chosen today to participate here in this service of light with his whole heart.

My blessings I am spreading through space and time to all those lifestreams who are not physically present now and here, but who can receive My love energy with their consciousness when they read the message.

Remember My words that the Kingdom of Heaven is within each heart, from which I now speak to all who can hear it with the ears of their spirit.

We will also experience this day "today" once again in the Akashic Chronicle together with the harvest.

I AM and will remain with you as long as you offer Me your heart as a living room wherein we can communicate according to your intention whenever you turn your attention from the OUTER WORLD to THE INNER LIGHT - the Kingdom of Heaven.

Your eternal friend and brother JESUS the CHRIST