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About the necessary readjustment of the mind

This is how truth and love speak from the well of my heart

About the necessary readjustment of the mind

Our thoughts determine our destiny and our attitude determines the experiences we have. We ourselves program our life program by what we think, believe and feel. As soon as we are "aware" of this, we are already on the path to spiritual freedom!

Step by step we free ourselves on this way from every dependence and follow only what our heart center tells us. We follow the most powerful energy in the universe with the highest frequency, which we call love, God or Goddess, beginning, origin, center, goal, father or Christ. All our attention and life energy on this path is only for the one light that knows no shadows.

The shadows that we still encounter are the reflections of our own human personality. But in the light of truth, even these turn out more and more clearly to be facets of colorful illusions. Even our wrinkles, our illnesses, signs of old age and finally death, which we have experienced a thousand times, are among the illusions for which we alone are responsible and no one else. By changing our attitude, we change everything!

In these days we are confronted with ourselves by intensive experiences - inside and outside! May it also seem to our earthly-personal consciousness "as if" others were responsible for the situation of the world and our situation, but exactly this is the so-called illusion-trap, to which we all "as humans" are more or less individually subject to and daily "fall victim" to.

The way of truth leads only through ourselves into freedom!

In the center of our heart lies the focal point of everything that is true and right. "Right" comes from direction. This has nothing at all to do with wrong, but has only led us to where each of us is now. The result of the past is our present individual point of view. Exactly here and now every soul, which reads these words and takes up its energy with an open heart, has arrived at the intersection of space and time!

Of course you may continue to believe in "coincidences" and " think" to it what your personality wants. But this will not change anything in your life.

Every human being has the free choice to decide for oneself at this point of intersection, how it should go on: Do I close the past with all learning patterns, belief patterns, dogmas, illusions, deceptions, errors, confusions and all dependencies and go into a new world and a new time, where each soul itself takes responsibility for its life journey, or do I continue to follow the usual system, which now stands before a closure.

The new earth requires a complete renewal and reorientation of the spirit!

In the Book of Revelation it is written, "I saw a New Heaven and a New Earth. The old things have passed away." The Kingdom of Heaven has always been open to every soul to "go in"! But only few have followed the light of CHRIST - the omnipresence of God in every human soul - so far.

For all who choose the light of God's omnipotent presence in their heart, the promise and revelation is:

"Behold, I make all things new!"