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What you need to know about your 12 - Chakra - System and your Ascension

Message from Aeolus received by Gabriele Schmitz on 28 September 2023

Beloved souls from the Source of All Being, embodied here and now on this beautiful planet Earth!

I AM an Ascended Master in service to humanity at this momentous time of change, but not every Light Servant may have heard of me. I AM Aeolus, who now holds the office of Representative of the Holy Spirit in the Hierarchy. I lived as a human being among humans before I succeeded in stepping out of the wheel of rebirths and attaining my eternal freedom. I was challenged, just as you are now, to go through a process of self-mastery and great transformation and to return home to what is commonly called the Kingdom of Heaven.

You know my name from my embodiment in ancient Greece centuries before my and your Brother of Light Jesus took his final and most significant human incarnation. At that time I was Homer, the creator of adventurous tales that have endured the millennia, first passed on from mouth to mouth and later available in book form and even as films to this day. Isn't it amazing that the life story of King Odysseus still fascinates people today? People are touched by heroes who bravely defy the power of the gods, forces of nature and monsters, because in every human being the memories of such traumatic experiences from lives in previous incarnations in very different cultures are stored in the cellular consciousness. Each of you has already experienced yourself as a plaything of powers to which you felt helplessly at the mercy.

My divine complement is Pallas Athena, who was not herself embodied on this planet, but who has often in the course of human history intervened in human affairs through bodies dedicated to her.

This everlasting connection as a divine entity has carried me through many embodiments, although I too, like every human being, wore the bond of oblivion according to the laws of life until my final ascension. To attain mastery means to master all earthly-human energies in order to rise higher and higher until the ascent into higher vibrational levels inevitably happens. This process is possible for every human being and is the goal of their life.

As Lightworkers and Lightbearers you are not left to your own devices, and at your request and invocation you receive all possible support from the members of the Spiritual Hierarchy of Light, who perform this service full of joy, love and devotion, so that you too, as our sisters and brothers, can victoriously complete your spiritual destiny. An indescribable number of Beings of Light from throughout Creation are contributing to this on a scale that your limited minds can in no way comprehend or grasp. Please consider this process I am about to describe to you only with heart consciousness.

It is one of my tasks to direct, check and adjust the energies that reach people from the cosmos and to channel them according to their vibration. You are energetic beings, connected to all that is. These energies are moved through your chakras, also called energy vortices or energy wheels, which are located along your spine. They supply your body systems and energetic bodies with life energy that flows to you. Without this energy system you could not survive. The purely physical energy supply occurs in the lower three chakras, which are exclusively active in the majority of humanity. Only people who are consciously focused on their spiritual being and their soul development work with the four higher chakras.

To make your ascension possible through frequency elevation, you need the dynamic activity of the higher chakras such as the heart chakra, the throat chakra, the 3rd eye and the crown chakra. When these chakras are working freely and intensely, you have created an essential prerequisite for your ascension. The more you open your heart, deal with spiritual issues and use energetic practices, the more you activate these chakras. You should be aware of this.

But now it is important for you to get to know your whole 12-chakra system, i.e. to activate 5 further chakras outside of your body above your crown chakra and to put them into increased activity so that the higher cosmic coded light frequencies that are now flowing to you can be absorbed and processed. They enable the transformation of your body into a crystalline body and ultimately lead to your 12-strand DNA, unlocking all the memories within you and bringing the brain into the full functioning of an ingenious computer.

This is a very complex process that stretches the logical mind. Your DNA contains your divine blueprint, the stored higher knowledge and information of who you really are from the beginning of time. This process is ongoing and can be accelerated through your conscious reception of light and alignment with your 12 chakras. Become receptive to what reaches you and releases information within you that makes little or no sense to your mind. Learn to increasingly allow your Higher Self to take the lead in your life. Go the way of your soul full of trust, confidence and joy, which in this process will free itself from all old burdens and find its way back to its original perfection beyond time and space: the homecoming to GOD.

This is the path I want to show you today from a spiritual point of view and which will lead you to the goal, into your sovereignty and freedom.

Trust in My words, for they contain My blessings for you!

I AM Aeolus and bring you greetings from My beloved cosmic complement, Pallas Athena, who also envelops you with the mantle of light of eternal love and truth.