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No one goes through the embers without being transformed!

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How quickly time passes!

Every day we are given new opportunities to move from spiritual unconsciousness and ignorance into the light-filled consciousness of heart wisdom.

On the one hand, the resistance to awakening seems to be becoming ever stronger and more vehement, but on the other hand it is forcing us to fundamentally review, change and renew our entire attitude to life.

It has long been known that destiny can also give people the chance to move from the darkness of despair into the unimaginable light of trust in God.

Almost all awakened people have been purified by more or less painful experiences!

No one goes through the embers without being transformed! This also means that this explosive and eventful time, which we as human beings are currently experiencing worldwide, is an invaluable opportunity to renew our lives and resurrect our innate divine nature.

However, without a determined and persistent discipline, we would not be able to overcome the old patterns of behaviour and remain stuck in the wheel of rebirths.

To summarise. There are four necessary ways to free ourselves from earthly limitations and all forms of suffering:

  1. we must learn to master the power of our thoughts, because our thoughts determine our destiny!

  1. we must learn to master our language, because the words we speak are decisive for the ‘reality’ we experience. The power of the spoken word is one of our divine creative qualities!

  1. we must learn to control our feelings, because they determine the quality of our emotional body.

  1. we must feed ourselves consciously, because our food determines our physical and mental health!

I am well aware of how much the human ego gets upset about the word ‘must’ and immediately creates resistance. But our experiences should have taught us that without discipline we only ever remain on the surface and hardly ever reach a higher goal!

If you want to return home / ascend from this time of transformation as a master, you need love, wisdom, determination, self-discipline and trust in yourself (God).

Everything is possible for a human being if they reunite with their divine I AM