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Time of silence and inner reflection

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We can only enter silence if we consciously withdraw from external events that constantly distract us more or less from the essential. Silence gives us the necessary peace to recharge our mental batteries and refocus our concentration. Here we have the opportunity to recognise the essential and let go of the unessential.

At that time, Jesus of Nazareth also often withdrew into the desert in order to return strengthened and consolidated and to be prepared for what lay ahead. He can be a shining example to us in everything and shows us clearly through his life how we too should proceed in order to be best prepared for what is to come.

We can also learn from many examples from nature. Every year at this time, natural processes slow down. The deciduous trees lose their leaves as an outward sign. The tree beings withdraw their life force into the trunk and roots, so that after months of dormancy, newly formed sap will cause the leaves to sprout anew and enter an intense phase of growth. The metabolism of animals slows down and many hibernate.

When we resonate with nature in rhythm, life becomes easier.

November is the ideal time for inner reflection. The spiritual world points out to us again and again how necessary it is to seek our true being within and to concentrate on the power of our I AM as often as possible.

The powerful, ever-increasing streams of energy that reach us from the cosmos via our sun first want to be absorbed and handled by our physical bodies. We should not avoid this necessary process, for it not only serves our physical transformation towards a crystalline body, but it leads to a powerful change in consciousness and ultimately transforms us into a cosmic human being.

All this has a constructive influence on the mass consciousness, so that more and more people are awakening and remembering the cosmic order and their life task again. We are all part of All That Is and the events in the world just now clearly reveal how fatal it is when people counteract the divine plan of life and separate themselves from the wholeness of all life.

The awakened ones in particular have essential tasks and an individual destiny now and in the time to come, which is revealed to them more clearly and distinctly from within every day. This naturally requires a body that is prepared and whole in order to fulfil these tasks with all its strength for the blessing of the whole earth and for the greatest good of humanity.

For example, a therapeutic fasting cure in autumn can help to break down and get rid of old waste products in the body. An alkaline diet also makes sense, because diseases only develop in an acidic environment (the discoverer was awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine for this discovery). Stinging nettles that you collect yourself can be brewed into a tea that, when taken regularly, has a very beneficial effect on the body.

How soothing and refreshing is a walk through the beautifully coloured autumn forest. It is like "forest bathing" in fresh pure air. After a short time, the mind, emotions and spirit are relaxed and calmed, and the beauty of nature unfolds its magical effect and healing power. People have given this process the name 'meditative walk', which describes it perfectly.

We have all heard of the effectiveness of meditation to reconnect us with the inner source of strength and thus access the inner treasure trove.

In these days we are all called to equip ourselves well for the coming time, to be able to act rightly and serve all life independently of all external appearances, by our soul power and divine guidance alone.

Then we are sovereign and secure, hand in hand of course with the Angels and the Ascended Masters of the Spiritual Hierarchy of our Solar System. Let us remember once again the current message from Pallas Athena, which is:

Get ready!