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Why gratitude is a key in life

Gratitude is one of the divine virtues and qualities that permeate our entire lives.

Gratitude comes from the source of our heart. The more grateful a person is, the more open he or she is to the wonderful happenings we encounter every day.

Love, trust in God and gratitude are what can inspire our soul and open the gates to the Kingdom of Heaven for our spirit. In this way, the light of God's omnipresence can stream through our entire consciousness and bring the very best into our lives.

~ So, if possible, let us begin each day in gratitude for the blessings that come with it and align ourselves with the heart level. This immediately creates an intimate connection with the Source. ~

There is so much to be grateful for. There is also, for example, the body elemental, which has been our guidance since the moment we first stepped into a physical body. It has the task of keeping our body in balance and health so that we can fulfill our purpose in life.

Often we get in the way of our physical well-being ourselves through an unhealthy diet or habitual careless lifestyle. We must learn to be mindful of the signals that the body elemental sends us and to react quickly so that we do not become ill.

In order to stay healthy and fit in the long run, both mentally and physically, we should be constantly grateful to the body elemental being for its work for our bodies. You may not have known about it yet, but at this moment you should become aware of it. You can talk to your body elemental, give it a name and let it know that you want to pay attention to it and appreciate it now. You may also apologize for what you have done to it so far out of carelessness and superficiality. Make it your friend who can rely on you. I am sure that then even already present "diseases" will be eliminated from your body!

Have you ever thanked your feet for carrying you through life? Your physical senses that you can see, hear, smell and feel through them? Do it and you will experience miracles!

Gratitude, love and trust are the essential keys to a happy and successful life of abundance and health. However, it is like faith. Faith without works is dead, which means you have to do something! Occasionally, self-discipline is also one of the mental medicines on our spiritual path. In the best case, one's faith and trust in God can then literally move mountains.

There are many people who can confirm from their own life experience that in reality there are also no "incurable" diseases. From the point of view of orthodox medicine, there was no more hope because the mountain looked insurmountable.

Trust that with God, the source of all life, everything is possible! Please stay constantly connected with the origin and source of your life with gratitude and you will see that everything dark and sick in you and your life will dissolve.