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From the human limited consciousness into the light of the unlimited Christ consciousness

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Dear spiritual friends and friends of the spiritual world, the return of the "old" masters on the clouds of heaven has begun and all awakened souls as well as those who believe to be awakened may now finally also set out on the light path of their heart! Only there you will meet you in a light inaccessible for the human personality!

Many people, I would say the predominant mass, are afraid of the venture of faith and trust in the so-called divine, because dogmas and other consciously wrongly generated patterns of imagination block and bar their access to their own divinity. You would perhaps say, I would probably have one "sitting next to me".

And that's exactly how it is! I have one sitting here next to me in spirit! Who knows RAMTHA, knows that His name and His spiritual presence stands for one of the sharpest spiritual swords! I have experienced and witnessed this myself.

Yes, it is true that 35,000 years ago he was once one of the greatest conquerors and it is also true that in the same lifetime he ascended to the highest spiritual levels of which a human being is capable!

Believers expect a saint to be something like a pious eccentric, like St. Francis, for example, who in the meantime has also become one of the great Ascended Masters in the Spiritual Hierarchy. But also "Saint Francis" and likewise "Saint Martin", who is still so worshipped today... They were all once trained in war service and in battle!

Even the Ascended Master Saint Germain, in an incarnation as Columbus, was among the leaders of the conquerors in Venezuela and other high cultures. King Arthur of England and his whole Round Table were also not squeamish with their opponents at that time. Today, all the members of the Round Table, so to speak, with the Ascended Master El Morya, are also again at the top of the Hierarchy... but of the Spiritual "Hierarchy of Light" dedicated to the Christ and to human souls.

The Ascended Master Hilarion, one of the Seven Mighty Chohans, was not so long ago one of the first persecutors of Christians (Paul). I myself was not always squeamish in former lives. I especially disliked the Saracens.

Today, what matters is no longer what any of us were, but what we are now! "We were not always on the right side. But today we are!", our spiritual teacher El Morya aptly sums it up.

Ramtha stands for a spiritual Master who has also come back, that is, a person who has conquered his lower human nature and in the end has proved himself to be the master or even ruler over the earthly personality. But how can someone who is not yet able to master himself recognise a "spiritual ruler or master who has graduated from the high school of self-mastery"?

It took our souls an almost infinite time to finally bring the sleeping spirit to awaken!!!!

Dear friends, everything has to do with judging! Those who judge others have a problem, because judgements can always reflect on ourselves. Whoever points one finger at others, points four fingers at himself at the same moment. Only when a person has learned to love himself can he also love others. For he knows that his neighbour is only his mirror, or even better, his sister or brother. Who knows and remembers all his previous incarnations? He who forgives others forgives himself, and he no longer has to be confronted with the old burdens from his own previous lives! It is then unnecessary by virtue of love, the strongest power in the universe, which we call GOD, and we then no longer need to waste our valuable time with our old burdens. We can invest all our life's energy in the Will of GOD and his light-filled plan to create a perfect New Earth built on the pillars of love, wisdom, truth and justice.

If you are interested in the laws of life, you can study the Sermon on the Mount by Jesus. But you can also spare it, because Jesus summarised everything in one sentence, in which all the essential laws are taken into account: "LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOUR AS YOURSELF!"

I know that we have heard and read all this a thousand times. And you know that we have overheard and overread it again and again. So what's the point? We get upset in our time and judge the people who tortured and brutally murdered millions of other people. But we don't get upset that we have millions more animal souls brutally killed, tortured and slaughtered to satisfy our lust for consumption, or that subject animals to painful animal experiments. In the next generation, we will be asked by our children and grandchildren why we left them such a world and did nothing to heal and improve it.

If people would listen to their spiritual, their true and eternal teachers, who can only be found and understood on the soul level, then the way would really be free for the transformation of the earth! But it looks as if time has stood still and man is only able through fate to awaken to his divinity in another, later time.

35000 years we had time as humans to learn through our experiences! CHRIST gave us another 2000 years since the time of JESUS from Nazareth to finally align our consciousness with the Divine!

Of course our soul is "immortal", but under what circumstances do we want to continue our journey?!

Once we have decided wholeheartedly for the WAY OF CHRIST (consciousness) through our FREE WILL, which is inviolable, then there are many individual teachers at our side, who are already at one with perfection again in spirit. Their minds and hearts are just as Jesus said and taught "one with the Father", one with their and our "Father" and also our "Mother-God", the source of all life!

Terms can confuse like our language which has lost its unambiguity since Babylon. But the TRUTH and LOVE in our hearts do not confuse, but show and reveal to us the omnipresence of God!

Whatever we acknowledge as truth will transform into our reality. That is how powerful our creative thoughts and will are! Again and again we have been taught that our intention determines our goal! The Cosmic Law is actually quite simple to understand: According to our faith and trust, it will happen to us! The question is only whom we trust and believe in.

One of the first Ascended Masters, Ramtha, sums up human consciousness in these words: "When you reflect upon and master the understanding of love and the expression of love, you experience the elation of the higher vibrational frequencies that correspond to the thought of a love that then communicates and expresses itself through you. To whatever understanding the focus of your consciousness may turn, that will be the heaven to which you will go, for the magnetic field of your aura, the spirit of your being, will draw you to the vibration of that plane."

Dearest soul sister or friend, until now you may have had your soul destiny determined and enquired about through other people. But now the time has come to determine YOURSELF about your life and your soul. The focus of our consciousness determines the direction of our life!

Change your attitude and YOU ARE able to change EVERYTHING! Embrace your divinity and become a Sovereign Goddess or Sovereign Deity, for you are in truth created in the image of God!

Let your mind no longer be limited, but break the chains of your earthly consciousness!!!

Om Namah Shivaja