You are currently viewing Botschaft von El Morya ‚Setzt den Willen Gottes über den persönlichen kleinen Menschenwillen‘

Message from El Morya 'Put the will of God above the personal little will of yourselves'

received from Gabriele Schmitz on January 18, 2024

Beloved servants of light and dear voluntarily incarnated souls!

I AM El Morya, the Guide of the Blue Ray of Divine Will, and I speak to you today to make clear how essential it is now to place the Will of God above the personal little will of yourselves. You have the strength, the faith and the power, with My help and all the celestial forces of light, to be the embodied light bearers in this dark time on this planet, expressing and extending the light of the Divine Will worldwide. In this way you are simultaneously fulfilling your individual spiritual destiny and the Divine Plan for the whole.

The age of the Kali Yuga, of strife and war, has ended and the Golden Age has dawned. But the dark forces are doing everything they can to keep the world in fear and terror and to implement their perfidious plan for the New World Order with all the forces and means at their disposal, even though they sense that their downfall is inevitable. Many people see themselves and their world on the brink and are trapped in the powerlessness of the old shackles, chains and thought patterns that are causing them hell on earth.

On the other hand, there are a large number of lightworkers who have consecrated themselves and their lives to permanent light service full of devotion. They release precious love energy in order to keep the promises they made before incarnation to contribute to the ascension of the planet and its inhabitants. They are indeed assured of the full support and appreciation of the entire celestial hierarchy.

We note with great joy that the number of those who are beginning to ask themselves questions about the meaning of life is constantly increasing, which is the first step towards awakening. They hear ever more clearly the call of their soul, which wants to fulfill its life plan. This takes place through the interaction of the ever-increasing energy radiation from the cosmos, through the support of their spirit guides and guardian angels and through the practiced energy work of the servants of light, which triggers in them the longing for reunion with the source of all life and releases more and more memories of the promise made and the original inner intention.

Let Me say a few words about voluntary incarnates. These are old, mature souls who have already mastered their ascension in a previous life and are no longer subject to the wheel of rebirths due to karmic obligations. Their service of love for the Source and the planet Earth with all natural life on it is that they knew about the critical time of ascension and agreed to voluntarily walk the human path once again through re-embodiment. They brought all their love energy, their soul power, their wisdom and all the treasure of experience they had gained into this life in order to contribute to the great cosmic plan for the renewal of the earth and all life. They were aware that they carry the 'Ribbon of Oblivion' like all humans and need to rediscover their divine plan within themselves just like any other soul, which could take many years.

In fact, many of these voluntarily incarnated souls have awakened and are following their soul plan in an often unremarkable simple life. However, the strength, determination and perseverance in their work is an essential support in the ascension process. Perhaps you who hear or read this are one of these courageous and selfless souls. Try to find out, because it can make your being in the here and now easier.

We very much desire the Will of God to be expressed through every human soul and encourage you to seek it within your core being. You can ask Me for assistance and I invite you to visit My Temple of God's Will in the etheric realm above Darjeeling in India at night when your physical bodies are asleep to receive teachings and assistance from the Blue Ray Light Beings.

There is much happening in your lives and you are feeling the changes more and more clearly every day. Your bodies are changing into a crystalline body. This process requires periods of rest as well as daily conscious alignment with the intrinsic power of the heart. Have faith and do not worry about your well-being, because the power of God within you is the best protection you can have.

Never feel alone or abandoned and hand everything over to the Divine Will. This is already written in the most famous prayer of the Christian world: Lord, your will be done!

Connected with you in heartfelt love,

El Morya