You are currently viewing Der Mensch hat eine zweifache Natur – eine menschliche und eine göttliche

Man has a twofold nature - a human and a divine

The human personality is more or less bound to the conditioned mass consciousness, it is mortal and masked. Behind the personality hides the true self. According to the Swiss psychologist Carl Gustav Jung, the "persona" is a kind of clothing of the ego, which both offers protection to the individuality hidden behind it and provides a starting point for normal social communication. Seen in this way, the persona is something that, like the concept of shadow, works with the metaphor of light and shadow. A persona is the outwardly displayed attitude of a human being that serves his or her social adaptation and is sometimes also identical with his or her self-image.

In ascending from human to divine consciousness, there is a gradual increase in the vibration of the four so-called lower bodies. These four bodies are the physical body, the emotional body, the mental body and the etheric body. In the etheric body all memories from all embodiments of a soul are stored.

The process of maturation or ascension is divinely provided for every human soul, no matter what stage of development it is at. It is his divine destiny.

With each incarnation, the soul gathers ever new experiences through the dress of its personality and learns from them for the next stage of life. The path of life in space and time is determined by constant sowing and reaping. This means that the soul of the human being always sows and also reaps new things through its thoughts, feelings and actions. This fateful law of life is also called SAMSARA or the law of KARMA.

From a certain stage of development, the immortal soul longs for more and more enlightenment. Enlightenment is not only an experience of the moment (realisation), but a gradual process of more and more realisations, which can be worked out both in the individual incarnations and during the stay in the inner realms.

The more the consciousness expands through this (becomes enlightened), the stronger grows the longing of the soul to return home to its origin (Father in Heaven) or its source (Mother God).

At this stage, the radiation of the inner light of this human soul is already growing rapidly and can be perceived by other people spiritually and mentally. These souls recognise each other more and more as brothers and sisters on the way home to their common source of life. That is why it is said: Souls recognise each other by their consciousness and their vibration, not by their appearance!


Every living being carries an eternal and immortal Divine spark of life within itself - and this spark is always and eternally of the same origin! It is the CHRIST SPARK and is also called THE HOLY CHRIST SELF, which is germinatively innate in all of us. In this spark is also contained the THREE-FOLD-FLAME OF GOD: POWER, WISDOM and LOVE. It is the innate divine perfection which is ignited by spiritual endeavour and by the mastery of human nature, and which gains more and more expression.

This is what JESUS of Nazareth as THE CHRIST revealed and exemplified to humanity, the union of the human nature with the divine nature. The Son of Man became a Son of God!

And how much our Father in Heaven (Father God) and the Source of our Spirit (Mother God) are waiting to this day for not only His/Her sons but also His/Her daughters to finally put on the garment of CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS full of trust and faith.

Blessing upon blessing is poured out upon those souls who have learned to hear, see and understand the signs of the times!!! For all heaven and the spiritual universe await the homecoming of the daughters and sons of Almighty God I AM and the ascension of the earth into the light...