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The Spirit of Unity of the Great White Brotherhood speaks

Message received with gratitude by Gabriele Schmitz

Beloved ones!

I AM the Spirit of Unity of the Great White Brotherhood who addresses these words to you. Not everyone may have heard of me, but everyone who has sought and established a connection with the Great White Brotherhood has felt my presence.

It was the great being of light from Venus, Sanat Kumara, who in his all-encompassing cosmic love for this planet and all life on it, brought forth My Spirit in perfection from his heart. This happened a long time ago with the aim of helping the Earth and its evolving realms in their evolution and liberation. A magnetic pull arose to which many enlightened beings responded who wanted to serve humanity.

Every intelligence such as the Solar Parents, Cosmic Beings, Archangels and Angels, Cherubim, Elohim and Seraphim as well as all Ascended Masters are connected to the Spirit of Unity of the Great White Brotherhood through an energy line to My Heart. Of course, this also includes all Ascended Masters and female Avatars. Thus the Spirit that I AM has tremendous power that is being poured out to bring forward and fulfilment of the Divine Plan for the blessing of all humanity and this planet.

None of the chohans of the Divine Rays would be able to master the entire development plan alone. But in union with all the other masters of the Great White Brotherhood, the light of the world is spread powerfully and invincibly.

I also fulfilled the mission of the Master Jesus Christ, his helpers such as Mother Mary, Joseph, Mary Magdalene and his apostles with strength, constancy, joy and enthusiasm. Not only Jesus, Mary, Saint Germain and Lady Nada have long been One with Me and have increased My energy through their individual energy of love and the power of their service. But the works of all people who have ever contributed to the good of creation and the establishment of the Kingdom of God on earth and who have served what is good and true are an essential part of My existence.

At the moment when the Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood indicates a task to be fulfilled, all beings of light offer their very own talents, gifts, powers and virtues in order to carry out this task in perfection in divine service out of unity.

Now it is in your hands to call My presence into your life to powerfully increase your personal effectiveness for the light. You need more than ordinary assistance to overcome all your challenges and to maintain love, faith, peace, devotion, constancy, perseverance and patience in your being, especially in everyday life. In this time of change, it is a precious help for all servants of light to get to know My spirit or to involve it even more intensively in your existence.

I assure you that I will respond with My luminous presence to every call that comes from a pure heart with the loving, selfless intention of service to the great plan of the One. You will feel the power of My presence acting through you so that your life is charged with increasing joy and enthusiasm.

Nature will give you fitting images and signs. Just as a single poppy flower in a field with thousands and thousands of ears of corn attracts the full attention of the observer, so you shall shine among thousands of people as the Divine Being that YOU really ARE in the light of truth.

I thank you for your attention and look forward to our conscious co-operation in the Cosmic Light of the Oneness of all life.