You are currently viewing Eine Botschaft von ERZENGEL MICHAEL zum Weihnachtslichtdienst 2022

A message from Archangel Michael for the Christmas Light Service 2022

received by Michael

All Heavenly Beings are delighted to see so many awakened human souls serving the Light of God's Almighty Presence with all their life energy at this time and truly being a comforting presence for all life on precious Earth!

I AM the one whom people know and honour as Archangel MICHAEL and consider it a special honour that you give Me the energy of your attention today! Thus I know that all the words that come today from the light of your heart, the inward kingdom of heaven, fall on fertile ground and are not wasted.

With every service of light, this insurmountable field of force that you have dedicated to Me and My legions of the Blue Ray of Faith and Trust in God, is being extended further and further and connected to the numerous temples of light in the etheric realm above this crystalline Blue Planet EARTH, a jewel of Divine Creation.

You are all truly so very blessed because you have awakened at the most important moment in the spiritual history of this humanity in time to replace with CHRIST the millennia of darkness with the radiant light of a new cosmic day.

Each one of your group and each one who reads this message and receives it with a fertile humble heart is destined to be a living temple of the Spirit and an ambassador for the Spiritual Hierarchy.

There should be no more room for doubt and fearfulness in your trust and faith! For GOD is the Light of Life within yourselves!

The energetic processes now taking place on this precious planet have finally reached a level that can be defined as the point of no return to the old corrupt world order and its anti-human and anti-nature matrix!

Turn deeper and deeper within these days and know that in the Kingdom of Heaven there is no separation between Us! A single thought is enough to be instantly connected with every Ascended Master, every Angel, Seraphim and all members of the Spiritual Hierarchy!

Now with each passing day you are coming closer and closer to your own almost forgotten Divinity, and it is up to your individual spiritual learning pace when we will see each other spiritually face to face!

Your determination, patience and perseverance will determine how far your spiritual path will take you in this incarnation. Therefore, do not let any dogmatic notion or conditioned worldly thought distract you any more on your path of the I AM!

We, from the realms of the Divine Spirit, do not speak and transmit empty words, but reliable words of love and truth! The more you direct your attention to the true, the good and the beautiful, the faster you will draw the light into your world like a spiritual magnet.

These words are in truth the result of your spiritual attraction. For without your invocation I could not intervene in your lives and convey such a message directly from heart to heart.

I, according to the destiny given to Me by GOD, the Universal Ruler, hold My arms and My Spirit over all souls who trust Me and ask Me to free them from the chains of the worldly matrix. Call Me and My legions and I AM with you instantly, as I am at this very moment!

Without your trust and faith, you cannot perceive the Divine within and around you! Yet, through your tireless perseverance and commendable courage on the path of the Spirit, you are passing from one level of consciousness to the next in this cosmic hour.

The opposite of confidence is fear. Fear is there to paralyse your powerful inward Christ Spirit. It is artificially created to keep you down so that you can be more easily controlled and dominated by the corrupt rulers of this world.

Once again: Learn to think, feel and act divinely as CHRIST in activity, full of trust in your heavenly Father-Mother-God. So far you have wished for gifts every year at Christmas. How about this year you give and consecrate your heart to Jesus so that He can return through your spirit and consciousness to fulfil and complete the divine plan of Light!

Do you not all have the same Father within you? Are you not born from the same origin and source of all life as I am?

Beloved sisters and brothers in a still human embodied form of flesh and blood, now, with the power of the CHRIST within you, put on again the garment of light and love for all life...and nothing can stop you to manifest your inner purpose! I AM also within you and will use My unconquerable sword for your divine protection and for your unharmed homecoming into immortality!

Know that this Earth is now about to leap into a whole new time with a new Cosmic Consciousness. The massive changes that are necessary are leading humanity out of spiritual darkness into the light. Minds are separating further and further from each other and individually creating the future timelines that best suit their evolution.

In other words, the old world, which has been led to the brink of destruction by dark corrupt powers that despise humanity and nature, is now coming to an end with great leaps and bounds. Do not be afraid of the coming worldwide apocalyptic cleansing events. For these must necessarily happen so that something entirely new can be born in purity!

During this time of massive change, always remember to pause and recall the power of confident trust. Focus your energy and attention only on your heart consciousness, consciously creating a constant vibration of joy and goodness, wisdom, compassion and appreciation for all life, purity of heart and divine universal love.

I have come at the end of the time of this system to lead the souls of human beings home into the Divine Order, home to their and My Father, home to the Source of all that is good, true and beautiful.

Call upon My Presence and I will protect you from the astral powers that have reached the limits of their lust for power.

Trust in CHRIST and the unconquerable powers in His Light!

Use the time of winter to recall your Christ-power and look forward to a new spring!

The Almighty Presence of God is with each of you and trust in His daughters and sons who, with their brother JESUS and with My Presence, will now lead all people of good will to the new earth under the rule of CHRIST.

May peace, joy, wisdom, determination, trust in God and pure love constantly flood your life and renew it with every breath!

I AM always immediately at your side as your friend, brother and protector.