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For Advent

A message from Jesus the Christ, for all who have opened wide the doors of their hearts!

I AM Jesus, whom you know as the CHRIST, and I come to you today not as the little Christ Child in the manger, to whom the Christian world is directing its attention these days, but as your powerful friend and brother, who has come again to make you once more aware of your destiny!

I AM here again and only in the light of your heart can you feel and recognise my PRESENCE! For this INNER LIGHT is your eternally true and essential life essence.

You are pure perfect divine light in an earthly body of flesh and blood.

Just as the faithful and clairvoyant people were able to perceive the CHRIST Light in my embodiment some 2000 years ago and humbly bowed before it, so today I bow before the Divine Spark within you which is now shining ever brighter and according to your trust and persistent determination is unfolding into a blazing and powerful focal point of the I AM Presence on Earth.

In these days I place the lightsabre of faith and unconquerable truth in your hearts, for you yourselves are to be THE CHRIST for your fellow men IN THIS TIME and thus clear the spiritual path for them. You have been taught life after life about the power of faith and trust, and also about the Eternal Light of Truth, which is untouchable by all illusions and deceptions of your earthly personal conceptions.

And yet you have lost your souls and your originally pure and totally DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS, and in the course of human history have become more and more entangled in the webs of earthly personality.

You, who are ready and can receive MY WORDS here and now with your hearts, are awakened in time so that I can hand over to you the sword of light from ARCHANGEL MICHAEL and His light legions to cut this world FREE with it!

YES, my dearest sisters, brothers and friends, people now urgently need your spiritual assistance, for they hardly come to consciousness by their own power.

They have become slaves to their worldly mind and their earthly personality and obey almost only the astral invisible powers which they cannot see and recognise! Many of your fellow human beings allow themselves to be anaesthetised day after day by their mediums and do not realise that this entertainment also keeps their awareness down!

Becoming a MASTER also means taking control and dominion over your attention!

You are to BE the master of your mind and personality ! A Master in the divine sense still focuses all attention on THE INNER LIGHT, which contains all the virtues and qualities of the Rays of Love.

Because you have kept the purity of your heart and have remained faithful to My Presence up to this day, you can hear My words and understand them with your heart!

THE LIGHT that I AM, and that you originally ARE, is now coming forth anew everywhere in these last days of the Old Era!

People are finally awakening to their Inner Divinity!

Like the frost in a severe winter, personal coldness has settled over the once perfectly conceived human creation and distorted many hearts to callousness and inconsideration towards fellow human beings and nature.

I have always loved parables ! The written traditions in the 2nd part of the most widespread book of your world, the BIBLE, contains many such parables and picture stories.

So today, with the gentle words from the heart of my beloved feminine heart-flame, whom you know as LADY NADA or also Mary Magdalene, I would like to regard you as the first flowers awakened from the frost of this world, which shall now reach their perfect spiritual blossoming in the light of the inflowing COSMIC CHRIST ENERGY.

Every human soul is like a unique precious blossom , waiting to finally unfold its buds in the light of a NEW DAY!

The heavenly fragrance from many souls and divinely awakened hearts penetrates to the highest dimensions of love and magnetises mighty armies of light from the universe - and lets many gods and goddesses, who are embodied among you but have been asleep for a long, long time, AWAKE!

For this purpose, one energy shift after the other is now arriving on this planet EARTH, bringing with it the cosmic assistance of mighty SONGODS AND SONGODDESSES!

ALL is "recorded" in the BOOK OF LIFE and in these days a GOLDEN AGE is being recorded with the colours of love in your hearts!

Beloved, in the Golden Grail of your consciousness I now place with all My love, power and authority and My divine trust in your only begotten CHRIST-LIGHT the unconquerable sword of the Kingdom of Heaven!

It is now in your individual hands according to your TRUST in My spiritual Presence in these words! Use it persistently and decisively!

You are now the living embodiment of Cosmic CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS on Earth and My ambassadors wherever you are!

I AM and remain with you in these days of transformation of your so afflicted beloved planet ! Trust and believe these words from the LIGHT OF THE CHRIST, who I AM and YOU now also ARE!!!!

So wait no longer for the so-called "Return of the Christ" ! For every day you waste with your personal ideas and conditioned expectations is a day lost!

So let us TOGETHER as one heart and soul - as brothers and sisters from eternity - break through the darkness of the worldly matrix to bring all humanity into its original FREEDOM.

I LOVE YOU ALL and that is why I have never left you and have come back through the light in your hearts!

Please never leave me again until we meet face to face and recognise each other before the throne of the Almighty One:


(Received through the High Self of Michael)