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Being lighthouses for peace and love

It has always been part of the agenda of the dark forces to start wars and involve as many countries as possible. This is what we are experiencing right now, not only in Europe. In these end times, it is obviously the aim to involve Germany in particular more and more in warlike actions, because this country is something like the heart of Europe. Thus, not only the German Chancellor is currently being put under massive pressure by the subtle dark forces to deliver more and more weapons to Ukraine, but also the mass of the people are to be influenced in this direction by the media, which are already largely under the control of the weapons lobby and the WEF. Independent sovereign thinking and feeling, bound to God, is thereby suppressed as much as possible. How else could it be possible to instil such thought forms as "weapons for peace" into the minds of the population.

It deserves our respect that many human souls have so far not given in to this massive external pressure and have kept a cool and clear head despite all opposition. People's worlds of consciousness and views are becoming more and more divergent. Of course, they can and may have different individual views and opinions, from which different behaviours and experiences also result. But all human beings live on the same earth and thus on the same cosmic ground, where the same spiritual laws of life prevail as everywhere else in the cosmos. These include the inviolable laws of sowing and reaping: "What a man sows, that he must reap!" and the law of karma, i.e. that people's deeds essentially determine their experiences in every life.

It is remarkable that in these current times it is elected representatives of the people and also parts of the population who loudly demand the delivery of "heavy" weapons and are thus ultimately prepared to risk acts of war on German soil. Have we still not learned from our so painful history how wars can arise and rapidly expand worldwide? A wise man once said, "Those who do not learn from the experiences of history must repeat them again."

The point of this blog post is not to delve deeper into this issue. It is certainly common knowledge that energy follows attention. The point is to see ourselves as lightworkers and spiritually aware co-creators and to ask ourselves what we, each and every one of us, can do to actively preserve and create peace. We have long been asked by the Spirit World to consciously use our creative power and serve the Light of Peace.

Less than a year ago, the Ascended Master Saint Germain gave us a clear message about this at first hand, so to speak, which we would like to remind you of here in excerpts and provide the opportunity to read or view the entire message.

Click here to view or download: Saint Germain - Peace begins with everyone himself

The very title of the message, 'Peace begins with everyone himself', makes it clear what it is about, namely to look within ourselves where we are not yet at peace. So, be at peace, feel peace, think peace and come into a peaceful state with everyone with whom you have not yet had this. This is an important task.'

He vehemently points us to the intense use of the Violet Flame as a very powerful instrument given to us by the Heavens' Powers to bring transformation in our bodies, in our personal affairs and in the outer world. Yes, we can send the Violet Flame into the workings of our government and our parliaments and it will not fail to have its effect. For the Violet Flame is the spiritual energy of Grace, Divine Mercy and the transforming power of Divine Love! The Light of God never fails!

We can invoke the Violet Flame with our own words or refer to this template:

The Violet Flame can also be used as a visualisation everywhere, even for the whole world.

Here is another quote from Saint Germain's message:

Therefore, I ask that you as lightworkers work tirelessly, truly tirelessly, to make the change. We on our side, we do all that is possible for us and so we work through you humans in many ways. But you have to show the willingness. So, open your heart, call upon us and especially me as the Leader of the Violet Flame so that the Golden Age can indeed manifest.

Let us together be lighthouses for peace and love!