You are currently viewing Wir betreten unbekanntes Terrain

We are entering unknown territory

Every human being on this planet is incarnated here right now to experience, even to help create, the transition, the turning point of time into the Golden Age. There are no coincidences in the plan of the Source of all Being, which offers every incarnated soul the unique opportunity to go through a one-time growth process. This is precisely the reason why so many souls are being given the opportunity to incarnate on planet Earth at this time as never before. The overwhelming mass of humanity is not aware of this at all, because so many human souls have not achieved the re-memory of this unique option granted to them. They are literally still in the deep twilight sleep of spiritual unconsciousness, stuck in the material world with all its temptations, deceptions and illusions and, moreover, entangled in karmic consequences of their ignorance and thoughtless behaviour.

No one can judge another's state of consciousness, and no one knows another's soul plan in its entirety. Therefore, we are constantly reminded not to judge or evaluate any fellow human being. God's grace, love, goodness and justice reign supreme. Every soul has the same divine core (origin) with the option of returning to the almighty presence of God.

Every living being on this planet is exposed to the energetic radiation from the cosmos, which essentially controls the ascension process of our solar system. Never before in the history of the Earth has such a thing happened, as we are learning from messages from the Light and as some are recognising more and more clearly as primal knowledge within.

We have now reached a fork in the road where we can no longer go on as before. Each soul must now make a decision whether it is willing to follow the divine plan of life or the mortal worldly personality with its egoistic lower drives and desires for power. By his decision, each chooses his own direction and timeline appropriate to his level of consciousness.

The cosmic incorruptible laws are now becoming more and more conscious to all peoples of the earth through events and life experiences! Each soul decides for itself whether or not it wants to participate in the divinely decreed upward evolution in this turning point time and ascend with planet Earth into a much higher level of consciousness. The opportunity to experience and actively witness such an energetic cosmic ascension process only comes about every 26,000 years!

The souls who are not yet ready for this will leave the planet in order to continue their development as so-called latecomers on another level with which they are familiar.

All of humanity is - knowingly or unknowingly - on the threshold of a completely unknown terrain!

For many spiritually sleeping and unprepared souls, the transition from the material outlook and way of life into the new spiritual CHRIST age will be like passing through the eye of a needle, which is already figuratively written about in the Bible.

Therefore, it is of fundamental importance and significance to concentrate daily on the perfect spiritual virtues and qualities of the spirit, which have been proclaimed, taught and exemplarily lived for thousands of years by prophets and messengers of the Kingdom of Heaven!

In view of this current highly explosive situation of humanity, it can be helpful to once again intensively deal with the Seven Rays of God:

They are now all available to humanity in order to apply them individually and to transform everything that is dark into radiant light! Disease into health, fear into confidence, unconsciousness into consciousness, sorrow into joy, hopelessness into confidence, illusion into truth, weakness into strength, indifference into love, lawlessness into order, guilt into purity, sloth into spiritual determination, old age into eternal youth, limitation into unlimited divine being, death into life, darkness into light, powerlessness into power, bondage into freedom, holdlessness into discipline and self-control, violence into compassion, war into peace.

O Man, awake, arise and assume the luminous robe of your inborn divinity! Stop thinking and acting like a sleepwalking human, but let your holy CHRIST Self take the sceptre, the universal and individual I AM.

Remember the Source of all life that sent you to earth to show and model the way home to your sisters and brothers in this time!