You are currently viewing Über die aktuelle Zeit aus geistiger Sicht

About the current time from a spiritual point of view

The earth is not on the verge of destruction, but on the verge of its completion!

But before that, it must be purified and reordered worldwide! Those who cannot or do not want to follow the spiritual renewal and ascension process of our beloved Blue Planet will find and be able to seize their opportunity as so-called stragglers at another time in another place in the Universe to get back on the path into the Light of God.

The time window is "not yet" closed to decide for the path of light. But it is already getting quite narrow for many! Those who have ears to hear, let them hear, and those who have eyes to see, let them see the signs of this time!

Blessed are the hearts and souls who still awaken at the right time and, as God's midwives, create the NEW EARTH and the NEW HEAVEN with their innate love and wisdom. They will leave shining traces in the universe as the pillars of the Golden Age in history, just like Christ, Buddha and all Ascended Masters and Mistresses!

It is still handed down and sealed in the hermetic laws: "As above, so below, as within so without, as in the greatest, so in the least!"

From the smallest spark of God, which is laid out in every human heart, a huge sun of Christ-light may one day shine forth, when man finds his way home again to his original divinity!

May you be aware that all life comes from the same source and the same origin, for the day and hour of revelation and unveiling is nearer than the intellectual human being, who is only able to present himself as a human personality, could comprehend and understand!

No eye has yet seen and no ear ever heard what GOD has prepared for those who love Him and have remained faithful to His almighty presence!

You, however, who embrace these words and their inherent energy with your heart here and now, have almost magnetically attracted it and now determine yourself what is to happen out of it!

Call it coincidence, nonsense or truth. Everything lies in and on you!

May heaven and earth become one again through you and me and the Trinity of God as LOVE, WISDOM and POWER be ignited through our hearts!

For this is what we are born again and what we have come to on this beautiful precious earth!!!

See also here the message from Pallas Athena on the importance of the Threefold Flame and that the most important activity at this time is to expand the inner heart flame. First click the play button, then click the gear icon, click subtitles and select English: