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Thanksgiving to the water element

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Considering the current situation, this invocation is of special importance!

Thanksgiving to the water element

In the name and by the power of the Almighty Presence of God I AM, we call upon you Beloved LADY MARE and Beloved LORD POSEIDON, Mistress and Lord of the Water Element.

We thank you through the power, wisdom and love of our hearts for the immeasurable blessings of water on our planet EARTH!

We acknowledge the absolute necessity and blessing of water for our life and for all life on Earth, and we ask forgiveness for any abuse and carelessness towards this truly sacred element and all its inhabitants (the visible and invisible creatures of the oceans, rivers, lakes and streams... and also the undines, mermaids, merman and nymphs...), not only for ourselves, but for all mankind, back to the beginning of time.

We vow to give daily our loving recognition, respect and gratitude to the living waters that ceaselessly serve the needs of our bodies and all life -

and we earnestly resolve to CONSCIOUSLY bless every precious drop of water that flows through our being and our world until ALL IS RESTORED IN PRIMARY PERFECTION!

So be it and so be it in God's most holy name